Best Tractor Grease for Your High-torque Machine! Top 2023 Models!

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Tractor maintenance seems like a daunting task – but believe it or not, finding the right grease for your high-torque machine is one of the simplest steps.

First, you need to be sure that your tractor’s gearbox is running as smoothly as possible to get through those tough days in the fields or on construction sites.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best tractor grease available for your high-torque machine this year.

Here are 2023’s top models so you can ensure that no matter what kind of job comes your way, you have all the necessary lubrication and protection!

Take Away Key Points:

  • Greases are crucial for tractors to operate smoothly
  • There are various options available to choose from on the market
  • Ensure you read the reviews and find all benefits to choose the best one

Best tractor greases for your machinery money can buy!

Below are the best tractor lubricants for high-torque machinery and their reviews.

$Lucas Oil 10005-60-10PK Red Tacky Grease – Best multi-purpose grease, it’s ideal for heavy equipment, extreme pressure, and optimal traction of the grease fittings. The additive is excellent for all tractor equipment and different types of zerks. But, it might be too sticky.

$AirTec G200 Lithium Grease – Best for shock absorption and stability of the equipment. Greasing includes a smooth operation and higher NLGI grade for all grease and grease guns.

$General Purpose Lithium Grease Tube – Best for different grease gun types, bearings, and other tractor components to ensure the proper use, providing optimal pressure and multiple functions of the equipment.

$John Deere Multi-Purpose HD Lithium Complex Grease – Best for all grease gun options and various grease fitting models. You can use less grease for different tractors and heavy-duty tasks; the grease will be optimal for robust tractor operations. Still, the grease has package issues.

$ – Kubota High-Performance Moly Lithium All Purpose Heavy Duty Agricultural/Construction Equipment Grease – Best protection for tractors and all their parts. Ideal for different grease gun types and the NLGI2 safety standards. Still, it can cause damage to tractors and other loader equipment if not applied correctly.

#1. Lucas Oil 10005-60-10PK Red Tacky Grease – Best for extreme pressure applications

  • Brand: Lucas Oil
  • Material: Lithium
  • Recommended use: Industrial
  • Best for: high pressure

The Lucas Oil tractor lubricant works well with extreme temperatures and is ideal for your machines. This grease is a smooth, tacky, red lithium complex grease fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors.

It has excellent water resistance and provides superior protection against wear and tear. The grease also has good mechanical stability and a long storage life, so you can use it with heavy equipment, complying with high pressure.

The grease is easy to apply to ball joints, grease points, PTO shafts, wheel bearings, bushings, U joints, and other components, ensuring the best operation for agricultural tasks. Even in extreme-pressure applications, lithium-based lubricant is one of the most reliable additives for most tractors.

The multi-purpose grease also helps protect against rust and corrosion, so the additive ensures a good quality operating temperature. You can use it for your mower deck, grease guns, grease fittings, and other specific uses, even in wet conditions. So, the best grease ensures excellent friction.

The cons of this product are that it can be messy to work with due to its sticky nature. Also, some users may find that it does not provide as much protection as other greases on the market.

  • high pressure
  • good quality
  • prevent rust
  • messy

#2. AirTec G200 Lithium Grease – Best for all grease points

  • Brand: AirTec
  • Material: Lithium
  • Recommended use: construction and manufacturing
  • Best for: different types of equipment

The AirTec G200 Lithium Grease is an excellent choice for lubricating roller and friction bearings. The best grease features a premium lithium thickener, EP additives, and a heavier base oil than most multi-purpose greases.

This makes it ideal for high-use applications that require superior protection against wear and tear of bushings, zerks, fittings, joints, and other bearings. Thus, you can lubricate tractors and other heavy equipment without issues.

The grease comes in a convenient 10-pack cartridge, making it easy to store and transport.

The best grease is also suitable for wheel bearings and applies easily. It provides great lubrication without any mess or fuss. You can also lubricate the PTO shaft and similar tractor parts and see the long-lasting nature of the oil. Even after several weeks of use, the Lube Shuttle, spring, and other parts can run smoothly. You can also apply it for the brush hog and similar equipment.

This is the best grease for anyone looking for a reliable lubricant that can withstand heavy use. It’s easy to apply, provides superior protection against wear and tear, and lasts longer than other greases, as it works well under extreme pressure.

  • high temperature
  • friction
  • optimal grease zerks
  • /

#3. General Purpose Lithium Grease Tube – Best versatility

  • Brand: GREASECO
  • Material: Lithium
  • Recommended use: vehicle, door
  • Best for: higher greasing standards

This is the best grease for multifunctional uses. The grease is easy to use and provides excellent lubrication for light-duty applications.

The greasing will offer optimal pressure and smooth operation standards, keeping your grease zerks, bearings, fittings, and other tractor stuff optimal for further use.

For example, you can apply the tractor grease for the tractor bucket, loader, and other equipment, as it provides high-quality greasing standards, fitting the pressure and other requirements.

The GREASECO grease is formulated with a lithium-12 base and molybdenum disulfide. Thus, the best grease gives it superior load-carrying capabilities. It’s also designed to resist water washout, oxidation, high temperature, pressure, and rusting.

The GREASECO greasing is ideal for different vehicles, and it shows exceptional performance. For example, it’s excellent for lubricating ball joints, universal joints, tie rod ends, steering linkage bearings, grease guns, the PTO shaft, and other components requiring frequent lubrication.

You can use the greasing for the lawnmower blades and other outdoor equipment to keep them running smoothly. The oil quickly fills the grease gun, and you can freely use the tube for different grease fittings. With excess greasing in the equipment, wipe it off for the best-fitting use.

  • high temperature
  • grease fitting
  • performance
  • /

#4. John Deere Multi-Purpose HD Lithium Complex Grease – Best quality

  • Brand: John Deere
  • Material: Metal
  • Recommended use: construction
  • Best for: use against dirt and dust

John Deere grease is an ideal product for heavy-duty greasing applications. It is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure, making it an excellent choice for various industrial and agricultural applications.

The grease is also long-lasting, so you can be sure that your equipment will stay well-lubricated for a long time. The National Lubrication Grease Institute also ranks it higher.

The grease has excellent water resistance, making it perfect for wet environments. The tube also has excellent adhesion properties, so it won’t easily wash away or become contaminated with dirt or dust. This makes the grease ideal for use in high-traffic areas where dirt and dust are common.

The John Deere grease is easy to apply and remove, making it simple to keep your equipment running smoothly. It also won’t clog up your machinery, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning out the grease regularly.

Additionally, the John Deere grease won’t damage any of the parts on your machinery, so you can be sure that your equipment will remain in good condition for years to come.

Finally, its easy application and removal make it simple to keep your tractors running smoothly without any hassle or messes.

  • performance
  • higher temperature
  • extreme conditions
  • misleading package

#5. Kubota High-Performance Moly Lithium Grease – Best for protection

  • Brand: Kubota
  • Material: lithium
  • Recommended use: construction
  • Best for: NLGI 2 standards

Kubota moly grease is an all-purpose grease for agricultural, automotive, construction, and industrial applications. The grease has higher application standards, is ideal for different tractor uses, and includes higher protection under higher temperature conditions.

The moly grease is specially formulated with a lithium complex and 3% molybdenum disulfide/graphite to provide extreme pressure security.

The moly grease is rated NLGI 2 and GC-LB, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications. So, the National Lubricating Grease Institute also confirms its value.

For example, you can apply the moly grease in different grease gun types, bearing types, and other components compatible with the NLGI 2 standards.

The Kubota moly grease offers excellent protection against wear and tear, even in the most extreme conditions. In addition, it has a higher-temperature resistance, ideal for use in hot climates or on equipment that runs at high temperatures.

The moly grease also provides superior lubrication and corrosion protection for long-lasting performance. Additionally, it’s easy to apply with a standard grease gun or by hand.

The Kubota moly grease can be abrasive when used in specific applications, causing damage to seals or other components if not applied correctly.

  • protection
  • NLGI 2 standards
  • moly grease
  • different grease gun types
  • may damage tractors

Choosing the best greases for your high-torque machines: Best 2023 buyer’s guide

If you’re a farmer, you know how important keeping your tractor in top condition is. One of the best ways to do this is by using the right grease.

But with so many options available, it can be hard to know which type of grease is best for your tractor.

Here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision when buying tractor greases.

Factors to Consider

When choosing grease for your tractor, there are several factors you should consider:

Type – Different types of greases are designed for different applications and temperatures. For example, lithium complex grease is ideal for high-temperature applications, while polyurea grease works well in low-temperature environments. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a type that’s suitable for your specific needs.

Viscosity – Viscosity refers to the thickness or thinness of the grease. Thicker greases provide better protection against wear and tear but can also make it harder to lubricate certain tractor parts. On the other hand, thinner greases are easier to apply but may not provide as much protection against wear and tear.

Price – Price is always an essential factor when making any purchase, which also applies to tractor greases. Make sure you compare prices from different suppliers before making a decision.

best tractor lubricants

Types of Grease

There are several types of grease available on the market today:

Lithium Complex Grease – This grease is designed for high-temperature applications and offers excellent protection against wear and tear. It also has good water resistance properties and provides superior lubrication even in extreme conditions.

Polyurea Grease – This type of grease is designed for low-temperature applications such as agricultural machinery or construction equipment. It offers excellent protection against corrosion and oxidation and provides superior lubrication even in cold weather conditions.

Multi-Purpose Grease – As its name suggests, multi-purpose grease can be used in various applications, including automotive engines, farm machinery, construction equipment, and more. It offers good protection against wear and tear, corrosion, and oxidation resistance properties.

High-Temperature Grease – This type of grease is explicitly designed for higher-temperature applications such as engines or exhaust systems where temperatures can reach up to 500°F (260°C). It offers excellent protection against wear and tear and corrosive resistance properties at high temperatures.

Synthetic Grease – Synthetic greases are made from synthetic base oils instead of mineral oil, making them more resistant to heat breakdown than traditional mineral oil-based greases. As a result, they offer superior performance in extreme temperature conditions ranging from -40°F (-40°C) up to 500°F (260°C).


Which grease is best for a tractor?

The best grease for a tractor is an NLGI 2 grease, multifunctional, or polyurea grease.

What type of grease does Kubota recommend?

Kubota recommends the Kubota UDT or Super UDT greases for optimal use and performance of heavy machines.

What kind of grease do you use on a John Deere tractor?

best tractor grease

John Deere recommends the Grease-Gard Premium Plus as the best grease for their tractors.

It’s a multifunctional HD Lithium complex grease used by John Deere for initial factory-fill lubrication of U-joints and axle bearings. It’s compatible with most other types of grease.

What is the best grease type for heavy equipment?

The Lucas Oil 10005-60-10PK Red Tacky Grease is the best grease for heavy equipment, as it offers multiple functions, applications, and different optimal operations of your machines.

Where to buy grease for a grease gun?

You can buy it on various websites, such as Amazon and similar sites, or you can purchase it at local stores.

So, the best tractor grease is…?

The Lucas Oil 10005-60-10PK Red Tacky Grease is the best grease due to its performance and best quality.

It’s multifunctional, ideal for smooth operations of all heavy-duty machinery and different tasks. The affordable price is another big plus for its popularity.


Now that you understand the importance of using one of the many greases available for tractors, it is important to consider which is best for your needs. Weigh all the benefits and decide which grease will keep your tractor running optimally.

We hope this blog has provided enough information to assist in finding the best tractor grease. There are various options out there, so be sure to take advantage of the different types of lubrication and explore which would be best for you.

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