eXtreme Dog Fence Reviews: Is It Worth the Hype?

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As summer is just around the corner, our pets tend to wander off for a few hours, searching for adventure.

However, this compromises the safety of the dogs, but it also leaves the owners worried sick!

To ensure your pup’s well-being and to have a sound mind, you must consider dog fences!

However, one of the best alternatives to traditional dog fences is wireless in-ground dog fences!

If you just stumbled upon this type of fencing and have no idea how they work, you are in for a surprise!

And, if you have trouble picking the best wireless dog fence, we suggest the eXtreme Dog Fence Max Grade Electric Dog Fence!

Read all about it in this eXtreme dog fence review.

Summary Box

The eXtreme dog fence max grade kit is an electric confinement system that keeps your canine within the boundary wire.

Once you set up your electric fence and mark the line, he will receive a warning signal via the special receiver collar whenever your pup goes near it.

The system has a digital transmitter and a 1,000 feet of 14-gauge boundary wire that is easy to install.

This one offers a budget-friendly price and a durable, completely waterproof design compared to the electric fences.

Main Features

1. Easy to set up: 5/5

The kit includes everything you need for a secure and easy installation. The wires can be stabled into the ground, which means no tripping accidents!

2. Water resistance: 5/5

The collar of the fence system is entirely waterproof, which is excellent, especially if you have sprinkles in the yard. Plus, it’s submersible under 10 feet!

3. Battery life: 3.5/5

The battery of the fence is non-rechargeable, so it will only last between 2-4 months.

4. Value for money: 4.5/5

Overall, the eXtreme dog fence is an excellent product worth the money. It’s practical and easy to install.


Price: Under $600

What I Like
  • Includes multiple frequency selection
  • Keeps pets safe
  • Great system if you are living in a homeowner’s association
  • Includes comfortable contact probes
  • It consists of a heavy protective jacket
What I Don't Like
  • Requires training period
  • Non-rechargeable collar

Bottom Line

The eXtreme Dog Fence is for all owners who value the safety of their dogs.

Thanks to the invisible in-ground system, your pup can run free in the yard without having his vision blocked by a tall fence.

The electric dog fence is easy to install on all terrains and user-friendly even for first-time owners.

How Does the eXtreme Dog Fence Work?

Source: Youtube.com

Although a dog fence system like this one may not be up to everyone’s ally, let’s see how this electric dog fence works.

Who knows, you may change your mind and click “Add to Cart” at the end.

As a dog owner, I always thought electric dog fences were too cruel. Let’s face it, your trained pet is not a predator, nor is it a treat to others.

However, I have an escape artist on my hands, and he tends to sneak out in the middle of the day!

I thought, what would be a solution that keeps the dog in the yard, yet does not require the installation of a regular fence?

My prayers were answered when I searched for an invisible dog fence! It’s just as the name suggests – invisible, so it won’t ruin the aesthetic of your yard!

Now, this eXtreme Dog fence system works rather straightforwardly.

The kit includes a collar receiver with battery, 14-gauge boundary wire, 16-gauge twisted wire, training flags, splice kits, surge protector, digital transmitter, ten staples, and conductive rubber comfort cover.

A star item of the entire kit is a dog collar receiver! With it, you can set the signal field width and ensure your dog never crosses the dog fence wire.

The dog fence system includes a transmitter along with a power supply.

With the help of the digital transmitter, your dog will receive a mild shock whenever he goes near the fence.

Since the entire fencing system can cause slight discomfort to the dog, proper training sessions are necessary!

On the other hand, the collar comes with contact probes built for comfort and does not irritate the dog’s skin.

Is the Inground Dog Fence Easy to Install?

One of my biggest concerns was installation!

But I was proved wrong, as the entire installation components and process are straightforward!

Of course, you can ask for professional installation, but I chose to do it myself as a fun weekend DIY project.

For starters, you will need to measure out the yard’s perimeter and choose where you want to install the wires.

Some owners tend to install components and wires only halfway through the yard, but I chose to cover the exposed area. In this way, safety is ensured!

Bury the line throughout the yard’s perimeter at least 18 inches deep into the ground.

The eXtreme Dog Fence kit does come with landscaping staples if you want to install the wireless fence above ground.

The staples are an absolute lifesaver, especially if you are an expert at tripping down like myself.

Additionally, if you already have an existing fence, you can use this electric fence and reinforce the safety pet containment system!

The underground dog fence includes a digital transmitter that allows you to set how far the signal will reach the unique receiver collar,

The only drawback is that the fence transmitter must be mounted indoors as it is not waterproof.

Also, you will need to set it at least three feet away from any metal objects, so it does not receive stray signal interference.

Source: Youtube.com

How Effective Is the eXtreme Dog Fence?

The eXtreme Dog fence system effectively keeps your doggo away from the boundary wire. However, you must be careful of the stray interferences that may disrupt the signal.

Such include heavy weeds around the fence. Consider using a professional-grade edger to eliminate any tall grass and debris around the dog fence wire.

The eXtreme Dog fence includes a feature called “Temperature Check,” which constantly checks the outside temperature.

The invisible dog fence also benefits from the Wire Check system that detects any errors and faulty signals in the wireless fence.

There are up to seven correction levels you can choose from based on your dog’s temperament. If your pup is well-trained, there is probably no need to go past the third level.

A much-appreciated feature in the eXtreme Dog fence wire is the lightning protector.

In case that lightning strikes, both the puppy and the transmitter are safe thanks to the surge protector.

eXtreme Dog Fence Collar Features

I had the chance to see many of the electric dog fence collars in person. And, let me tell you that this one impressed me the most!

The collar includes comfortable covers that are gentle to the dog’s neck and won’t irritate. Hence, the collar is much lighter than its competitors and easier for the dog to get used to.

With that in mind, a proper candidate for this wireless dog fence collar will need to fit a bodyweight between 8-120 pounds!

The collar is adjustable in size so that it will fit the majority of breeds!

Along with the lightweight and comfortable design, the collar also features one tone-setting, up to seven correction levels, and a 6V battery that lasts up to four months!

You can also use the eXtreme Dog electric fence if you have more dogs by purchasing additional collars!

Also, make sure the in-ground systems can support more than one collar!

What’s great if you have multiple dogs is that you can individually set the setting on each of the collars! This will keep the dog safe while the system follows its temperament.

As the dog wears the collar of invisible fences, he will initially get a warning whenever he comes close to the boundary area.

Digital frequency encoding eliminates similar signals such as radio frequencies or other signal-generating devices.

So the neighboring electronic fences will not be a cause of faulty signals, and that’s for sure!

Digital Transmitter

Okay, so we have arrived at the most crucial part of the eXtreme Dog Fence system: the digital transmitter!

I have to say, I did not have high expectations of wireless fences, but this transmitter proved me wrong!

It comes with a power supply for starters and includes a multiple frequency selection.

If you live in a neighborhood that also uses this type of dog fencing system, you should not worry about mixing signals.

You can even set the boundary line as you wish; all you would need is to set the distance of your choice on the transmitter.

Thanks to the temperature diagnostic, the transmitter detects the outdoor temperature and warns you if there are any changes. In this way, you can rest sure you are using the eXtreme Dog fence safely.

However, I have to say that this electric dog fence transmitter is not without a flaw.

The transmitter does not come with a battery backup. So if there is a sudden blackout, your electric dog fence will also go down.

The Upgraded Version

If you liked what you have heard about the eXtreme Dog fence, wait till I tell you there is a new and improved version!

The Underground Electric Dog Fence Premium is the second generation of these fences and can cover up to 6 acres of land!

Logically, if you have a bigger property, you should opt for a new version. However, like the previous version, this dog fence is waterproof and submersible.

This will allow your dog to swim with his collar and stay safe within the fenced-in area. As far as the quality goes, the two versions are relatively similar.

However, the new version does come with a 20-gauge boundary wire.

The new version of the dog fence is significantly cheaper, so you will also save a couple of bucks!

eXtreme Dog Fence vs. PetSafe

When you search for the best electric dog fence, these two brands will likely show up. They are necessary for dog ownership and are known as trustworthy electric fences for dogs.

But, which one is better?

A PetSafe dog fence is portable and will not require tricky installation. However, you will need to bury a few wires with an eXtreme Dog fence, which can sometimes be tiresome.

Additionally, an eXtreme Dog fence will cover more ground area. Therefore, if you have a bigger property to cover, you should go with this fence.

The eXtreme Dog fence is made and tested in the USA, offering maximum quality control.

Cost-wise, they are both quite similar, considering their high quality. However, it’s best to choose the best one for your needs and your dog’s temperament.

eXtreme Dog Fence vs. SportDog

Right from the start, I give SportDog the advantage of battery life! This electric dog fence offers a rechargeable battery, which the eXtreme Dog fence lacks.

It also has up to 7 levels of stimulation and is relatively cheaper than eXtreme Dog.

However, many owners don’t mind the high price of eXtreme Dog as the product comes with a 10-year warranty!


What frequency does eXtreme dog fence use?

The eXtreme Dog fence system allows the user to choose between 7KHz to 4KHz frequency.

In addition, the system can be programmed with up to eight different stimulation levels along with the two frequency programs.

The programming is easy to use, and it will offer the owner a clear signal with no interference.

Does the eXtreme dog fence keep the dog in?

Yes, the eXtreme Dog fence system does keep the dog within the boundary area.

However, a significant downside of all invisible dog fences is that they cannot prevent the entry of stray dogs and other animals.

Therefore, your puppy will require adequate training before deciding on electric fences.

Which collar works with an eXtreme dog fence?

You should use the collar that came with the eXtreme Dog fence wire kit.

If you use a different collar with the eXtreme Dog, it could compromise the safety of the fence and the dog.

When should I replace my invisible fence battery?

If the collar of the invisible dog fence has an indicator, then it will notify you when it’s time to replace it.

However, if your transmitter does not have a battery backup, then check it regularly. Usually, lithium-ion batteries on the invisible fences will last from 2-to 4 months.

What is the best eXtreme dog fence battery alternative?

The most significant disadvantage of the eXtreme Dog fence is that it does not feature a rechargeable battery, nor does the battery have a backup.

Therefore, it’s pretty unreliable if there is a blackout or if you forgot to replace the batteries.

If you wish to have an invisible fence system with a rechargeable battery, then we recommend PetSafe.

How does an eXtreme dog fence work?

An eXtreme Dog fence system comes with a complete installation kit.

You will receive everything you need for a secure installation of the equipment, including a collar and a transmitter.

Once you have attached a collar to the dog, it’s time to set the transmitter.

The eXtreme Dog transmitter allows you to choose the distance of the fence. As soon as the dog comes near the fence, he will receive a small shock warning.


Invisible dog fences are a total hit nowadays! The eXtreme dog fence is a perfect representative that shows quality built and reliable service!

With multiple features and user-friendly design, you can rely on the fence to protect your dog from wandering off.

Overall, the eXtreme Dog fence truly is worth the hype it has been getting.

Although the price is less than affordable, the 10-year guarantee certainly sounds tempting!

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