Best Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence Reviews 2022: Make Your Furry Friend Thrilled!

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If you have a free-spirited doggo as I do, you definitely need an excellent wireless fence to make him wander freely around the household and explore the world.

However, the wireless fence should be large enough to cover a larger area and let your dog enjoy his freedom as much as possible.

And what’s the better solution than the PetSafe wireless containment system?

I like some parts of the fence since my dog enjoys running around to the farthest boundaries. But, I’d like to change some components.

So, I will show you a few more benefits the PetSafe wireless fence system offers you. Shall we?

The PetSafe invisible fence is one of the leading on the market, keeping your pet safe & letting him roam around for new adventures.

Main features

1. Quick setup 4.2/5 – No need for buried wires, yet it has radius issues

2. Water-resistant 4.2/5 – Waterproof, but only to some extent

3. Affordable price 4.1/5 – There are better quality units for the given price

4. Battery life 3.8/5 – It might need a sooner replacement

What we like
  • flexibility
  • testing tools
  • receivers and adaptors
  • overall system
What we don't like
  • durability
  • incontinency
  • price tag

Bottom Line

Overall, the system is not too bad, yet you can find more high-quality products for even less price.

Due to its possible malfunctions, questionable durability, and inconsistency, it needs a system update. Other than this, it’s effective, yet it might be too expensive for the given quality.

Petsafe Wireless Fence: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

1. Overall design

petsafe wireless dog fence collar instructions
Source: YouTube

Let’s start from scratch for the complete story.

When I first received and opened the package, I was pleased by its weight.

The whole package was extremely lightweight, weighing only 12.8 ounces, which is less than a pound.

I must admit, I wondered if the box had all the elements due to its lightweight. And I was delighted that absolutely everything was inside.

So, my package contained all the components necessary for the training process. Thus, the kit includes:

  • transmitter with the power adaptor
  • receiver with an adjustable dog collar
  • 50 training flags
  • contact point wrench
  • long contact points
  • test light tool

Remember that the adaptor differs from the one in the pictures. It’s used only as a reference, and the actual component may vary.

But don’t let it discourage you – it’s still compatible with the dog collar and works optimally.

And, I mustn’t forget the actual dimensions of the invisible fence that measure 11 x 12 x 9 inches.

So, it will keep your dog contained in larger areas. But, how large?

2. The coverage point

As you might notice, the PetSafe wireless system covers up to 1/2 acre if you use it for circular coverage.

To use it correctly, you will need a proper placement of the portable indoor transmitter. But, you can always extend your coverage by adding an extra transmitter for better flexibility.

I tried multiple other boundary shapes and changed the expansion to fit my needs.

Finally, I used the wireless containment system for circular and in-ground custom-shape coverage.

In addition, I played with the coverage area, firstly setting the wireless fence in a circular shape to cover up 3/4 acres.

But, later, I tried to change it a bit, as my dog wanted to push the new boundaries. So, I switched to the in-ground coverage and made the area up to 25 acres.

Although the wireless fence seemed better for small dogs & small properties, the in-ground fence took much effort and labor to bury the wire and adjust it to the new boundary lines.

I would still recommend wireless invisible fences to save your time and energy.

3. The settings

When you’re committed to purchasing a proper electric fence is, whether to use a traditional or a wireless model.

A traditional electric fence requires burying a wire – a process that’s both labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Sometimes, you may have specific issues when burying a wire mechanism – too deep or shallow holes, uneven terrain, rough underground paths, etc.

The wire mechanism can be a real pain in the neck.

As I’ve already mentioned, I played with both wireless and in-ground pet fences. However, I like the wireless fence better. Why?

Firstly, it doesn’t require digging and labor or a wire to bury. You can set it up in a few hours, and the effect will still be the same. It keeps your pet safe even in smaller areas.

In addition, the wireless boundary lines provide a secure psychological and invisible barrier around your yard.

Once your pup steps out of the boundaries, the functions work optimally to prevent the pet from breaking them, bringing the pup back to the safe zone.

If you ask me, you will save yourself the trouble with the wiring system, and your dog can freely roam. The effect will be the same, just faster with the wireless system.

However, even without the wire mechanism, the wireless dog construction may have other difficulties, including losing the signal, issues with the transmitter, lack of power, etc.

So, think twice before you choose the wire or wireless fence.

4. The technology

Another reason why I actually like the PetSafe pet containment system is that you can temper and personalize the system of the dog collar.

You can find the best level for your dog as the collar system offers five different working modes and correction levels.

Thus, you can select a static correction, a tone-only mode, electric shock, etc.

When using the static correction, the warning beep will occur firstly, and then it will be followed by a gentle intensity of the correction once the dog tries to break through the limits.

Regarding the shock and vibrations, shock and tone modes, you can also set up the intensity and the time when and how to warn dogs not to play with the limit.

However, bear in mind that the PetSafe system is not reliable, so it may be inconsistent, and the collar might continue to shock your poor dogs even if they’re back in the safe zone.

I am not quite fond of the system, but I hope the company will improve it soon.

Regardless, the pet collar will undoubtedly help you train your dog and teach him to respect the wireless fence.

Also, for optimal performance, ensure there are no large metal objects to intercept the connection and create a power outage to shock your dogs unnecessarily.

Some dog owners use large metal objects to prevent their dogs from jumping over and don’t complain about such a possibility.

Many others claim their property is perfectly flat, yet the fences fail to work correctly.

I recommend you be careful with the location and fence system and ask the company to improve the design.

5. Battery

petsafe wireless dog fence collar
Source: YouTube

The dog collar battery will last approximately two months before the low battery indicators alarm you that it’s time for a battery replacement.

The dog collar uses the PetSafeRFA-67D-11 collar battery to change it correctly, making it easy to replace and reinstall the collar system.

Now, many dog owners complain that there are collars with more durable batteries, lasting more than two months.

Although I am pretty satisfied with my choice, you can find various collars on the market and check their battery lives.

6. More dogs: Yes or no?

Yes! If your house has more than one dog in the family, you can purchase additional collars at a more suitable price tag and optimize your fencing.

Additional collars fit an unlimited number of dogs, and your fences can cover all of them.

Still, you must consider the pet coverage area, the terrain, and other factors to ensure the fences will deliver enough power and work optimally with more dogs.

The training time is 1-2 hours.

7. Waterproof collars

The PetSafe collars are water and weather-resistant, so they comfortably match smaller, medium, and large dogs, up to 8 pounds.

The pet’s neck must be between 6 and 28 inches to adjust the collars properly and keep them safe around the house. Plus, the dog collars are compatible with all fence transmitters.

However, I suggest you keep dogs out of deep water, although the dog collars seem water-resistant.

Many pet parents don’t like the functions, stating that some dogs still manage to break the boundaries, and the water can damage the construction.

It didn’t happen to my pet, but I would like you to read the instruction manual and find the precise info about the maximum limits the systems can or cannot handle.

8. Portability

The fence is also suitable for various outdoor pet adventures.

You can go camping, traveling, vacation homes, and other experiences if you have adequate access to the outlet.

My dog and I went camping last year, and the house nearby had an outlet, so I managed to set up the construction, and it worked properly.

My pet stayed in the safe zone and turned back whenever he got a warning.

Again, refer to the instruction manual to find the potential issues you may have with the portable structure and how to solve them.

Sometimes it’s better to keep your dogs on leashes rather than letting them run around.

9. Cost-effective?

Definitely no!

I’ve said before that the essential quality requires too much money for this unit. You can find multiple similar units for more or less money, but higher rate.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can try other PetSafe systems, OKPET, CONOVO, Extreme Dog Fence, and other models.

I always tell you that money should come last if the product is premium-quality & able to match your needs.

Honestly, restraining your budget for this fence might not be the best solution, especially if you’re going to need leashes due to possible malfunctioning.


petsafe wireless dog fence reviews

Well, you always have backup products if you don’t quite like the first option.

As you’ve seen above, various products are suitable for your smaller and larger households, but the most prominent one nowadays is Extreme Dog Fence.

Let’s see.

PetSafe vs. Extreme Dog Fence

Let the battle begin! (just kidding.) 

The two dog fences are different in construction – the PetSafe is wireless, while the Extreme Dog is inground, so it requires a buying wire mechanism.

The PetSafe is portable and doesn’t require too much labor, while the latter is challenging to install.

Despite this, Extreme Dog offers a broader area coverage – up to a 25-acre perimeter, while the former only covers up to 1/2 of an acre.

Finally, the price difference is quite extensive, and the latter is more pricey. But, you get the more excellent quality and an advanced mechanism – the second generation.

And concerning the PetSafe, you’ve read that the technology isn’t that good, even for less budget.

Instead, I would choose the latter, but you have to calculate all the variables and determine your needs before the final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the PetSafe wireless fence last?

The mechanism can last up to 10 years or even more if used correctly.

The battery life lasts for one to two months, after which you need a proper replacement.

What is the difference between PetSafe wireless fences?

There are two types of the dog fences:

  • the Stay + Play mechanism
  • the Wireless mechanism

The first unit covers up to 3/4 acres and comes with rechargeable batteries.

The second model covers up to 1/2 acres and comes with a specific RFA-67D battery that requires replacement after its death.

How to find a break in the PetSafe dog fence?

It would be best to use a wire break locator to find the error.

Turn the volume down your receiver until you hear the sound when you’re directly over the wire.

Next off, move the receiver towards the wire break. When the sound stops, you locate the gap.

How to train a dog on the PetSafe fence?

how to set up petsafe wireless dog fence
  • train your pet for 10-15 minutes
  • make the atmosphere relaxing, not stressful
  • give your pet a lot of praise
  • remove the collar in between the sessions
  • install the fence before the training
  • set the best model on the collar
  • use the leash and walk with your pet towards the flags until they begin to hear the beep sound
  • let them feel the beat for two seconds and remove them
  • familiarize them with three flags per day
  • praise them and keep playing
  • after the first day, you can use the static correction – level two
  • walk them towards the boundary
  • let them get the beep sound and the warning
  • pull them back
  • give some praise and a treat
  • keep playing and repeat the process
  • within 5-8 days, the dog will recognize the boundary and stay away
  • test if they learned the limits with a toy – a ball, for instance, and throw it outside the pet area
  • if he resists, he knows the limits
  • remove the leash and follow the situation for a few more days to ensure he understands the pet area
  • when going for a walk, remove the collar and use a leash

How far does the PetSafe wireless fence go?

The maximum range is 90 feet, but it should be no more than 150 feet with two transmitters.

Final words

So, will you choose the PetSafe fence? Overall it’s not bad so it might suit your needs.

But, if you prefer something special, you should go for similar models.

Again, compare the units in our PetSafe wireless dog fence reviews before the final decision.

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