Get More Bang for Your Buck: The Top 7 Best Aerator Attachment for Tractor

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Are you looking for ways to get more out of your tractor and make it work harder for you?

Look no further because an aerator attachment can help maximize your tractor’s potential in terms of productivity, as well as enhance the appearance of your yard.

Aerators are tools designed to loosen soil and enable improved air circulation, which helps grass grow better. In this post, we will take a look at the top 7 best lawn aerators attachments that can turn any tractor into a powerful aerating machine!

Read on to learn all about them and find the best lawn aerators!

Take away key points:

  • Aerator attachments are designed to be used with lawn tractors to perforate the soil with small holes, allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the root zone of plants better.
  • Lawn aeration tools and aeration methods can help improve soil structure, reduce soil compaction, and promote healthier plant growth over large areas.
  • Some aerator attachments use spikes, tines, or coring action to create holes in the soil, while others may use slicing action.

What is an aerator attachment?

An aerator attachment is a device that can be attached to a tractor (or another similar machine) to aerate the soil.

The attachment usually has a series of tines or spikes that penetrate the soil to varying depths, depending on the type of attachment.

The attachment can help to alleviate heavy clay soil compaction, improve drainage, and promote healthy plant growth by allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate more easily into the soil.

Depending on the model, an aerator attachment can be used for a wide range of applications, from small residential lawns to large sports fields or agricultural land.

lawn aerator tractor attachment

Benefits of using an aerator attachment on your tractor

Using an aerator attachment on your tractor has numerous benefits, including:

Improved soil health: Aeration helps to break up soil compaction and enhance soil structure, resulting in healthier soil with better water infiltration and nutrient absorption.

Enhanced plant growth: By allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil, plants can grow stronger, healthier, and more resilient.

Better water management: Aeration tool can help to promote better drainage, which can protect lawns and crops from excessive water buildup and decrease the likelihood of fungal growth.

Cost savings: By using an aerator attachment to improve soil health and plant growth, you may reduce the need for costly fertilizers, pesticides, and watering.

Increased efficiency: Aerating with a tractor attachment is faster and more efficient than manual aeration, especially for large areas of land.

Versatility: There are many different types of aerator attachments available for tractors, from heavy-duty tow-behind models to lighter, handheld versions, making them suitable for a variety of soil types and applications.

Factors to consider when choosing an aerator attachment for your tractor

Size and type of tractor: Best lawn aerators are available in different sizes, so it’s essential to choose one that’s compatible with the size and power of your tractor.

Type of soil and land: Different aerator attachments are better suited to specific soil types and land conditions. Heavy-duty models are typically better for compacted soil, while lighter models may be more suitable for sandy or loamy soils.

Depth and spacing: Make sure to choose an aerator attachment that can penetrate to the desired depth and spacing level. Some models can aerate up to 4 inches deep, while others can penetrate up to 8 inches.

Tine quality: The quality and shape of the tines or spikes on the aerator attachment will impact their ability to penetrate the soil and create holes.

Ease of use: Choose an aerator attachment that is easy to use and maneuver with your tractor. Some models can be towed behind your tractor, while others require manual operation.

Price and brand: There are many different brands and models of aerator attachments available, and prices can vary widely. Choose a reputable brand with a good track record, and consider your budget when making your selection.

Types of aerator attachments for tractors

how to attach aerator to lawn tractor

There are several different types of aerator attachments available for tractors, including:

Spike Aerator: This type of aerator has straight spikes that puncture the soil and create small holes. Spike aeration is better suited for slightly compacted soil and are more affordable than some other types of lawn aerators.

Plug Aerator: Plug lawn aerators remove small plugs or cores of soil from the ground to create larger holes. This type of aerator is more effective for heavily compacted soil and can also help to reduce thatch buildup.

Drum Aerator: A drum aerator is a heavy-duty version of a spike aeration that has a drum-shaped container filled with water that provides additional weight to help press the spikes deeper into the ground.

Tow-Behind Aerators: As the name suggests, tow-behind aerators attaches to the back of a tractor and is towed along behind the vehicle. They are perfect for larger areas of land but may not be suitable for smaller, tighter spaces.

Front Mount Aerator: Front mount lawn aerators are mounted on the front of a tractor and can easily access tight spaces, such as gardens, turf, and sports fields.

Core Aerators: Similar to a plug aerator, a core aerator pulverizer removes soil cores from the ground but has a drum-like device that crushes the cores and spreads them back onto the lawn as fertilizer.

Handheld Aerator: Handheld aerators are small, lightweight devices that can be used for small areas. They are perfect for spot aeration and hard-to-reach spaces. However, a handheld model requires more physical effort.

Top 7 best aerator attachment models

Agri-Fab 48-Inch Tow Plug Aerator – The Agri-Fab 48-Inch Tow Plug Aerator is a reliable and well-designed tool for lawn care enthusiasts. Its self-sharpening plug lawn aerator knives, weight tray, and flat-free pneumatic tires make it a high-performance lawn aerator that can achieve maximum effectiveness in aerating large or small lawns.

Agri-Fab 40-Inch Spike Aerator – The Agri-Fab 40-Inch Spike Lawn Aerator is an excellent tool for lawn care enthusiasts. Its simple-to-use design, easy transport, and high-quality spike disks make it a versatile and efficient tool for anyone looking to maximize their lawn coverage with ease.

Brinly Tow Behind Spike Aerator – The Brinley Tow Behind Spike lawn aerator is a durable and efficient lawn care tool that is designed to cover large areas with ease. With its patent-pending 3D tines, easy-to-use transport mode, and reinforced all-steel design, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to maintain a lush and healthy lawn.

Brinly Tow Behind Plug Aerator with Universal Hitch – With a universal hitch design, the Brinley aerator can be connected to any lawn tractor, making it a versatile and effective option for lawn care maintenance.

Craftsman 40-Inch Tow Plug Aerator – The Craftsman 40-Inch Tow Plug lawn aerator is a powerful and efficient tool for aerating large lawns. With its 40-inch working width and 10-inch long steel plugs, it easily loosens compacted soil and promotes healthy plant growth.

Agri-Fab SmartLink Plug Aerator – The Agri-Fab SmartLink Plug lawn aerator is a highly efficient and easy-to-use tool for lawn care enthusiasts. With its universal hitch and flexible design, it can be easily attached to any riding mower to provide maximum lawn aeration results.

Strongway Spike Aerator – The Strongway Spike lawn aerator is an effective tool for lawn aeration and soil loosening. Its 42 in. working width and 12 spike wheels make it efficient and time-saving. However, it may be difficult to use by some users.

#1. Agri-Fab 48-Inch Tow Plug Aerator – Best pick

We are starting off the list with one of the best tow-plug aerators for tractors!

The Agri-Fab 48-Inch Tow behind plug best lawn aerator is a well-made and dependable lawn care item. The weight tray on this best lawn aerator can hold up to 175 pounds. This function comes in handy when more soil penetration is necessary.

The machine also has 32 self-sharpening plug lawn aerator blades that efficiently penetrate the soil for the best results. The lawn aerator’s flat-free tires make transportation easier.

The transport handle, which can be accessible from the tractor seat, is one of the most practical features of the Agri-Fab 48-Inch Tow Plug Aerator. This innovation allows you to easily raise and lower the plug lawn aerator without dismounting your tractor. The plug-aerator’s universal hitch allows it to be attached to any tractor.

The Agri-Fab 48-Inch Tow Behind Aerator has three welded knife parts that rotate separately for excellent coverage even while turning. This function aids in the most effective aeration of a large or small lawn.

Overall, the Agri-Fab 48-Inch Tow Plug lawn aerator is a high-performing, efficient, and user-friendly piece of equipment that produces outstanding results. It is a must-have tool for anybody who is concerned about keeping their lawns, gardens, or sports grounds healthy and bright.

  • Heavyweight tray for optimal soil penetration
  • Good for a large lawn
  • The transport handle is accessible from the tractor seat.
  • The universal hitch fits any tractor.
  • The price may be too expensive for some users.

#2. Agri-Fab 40-Inch Spike Aerator – Runner up

The Agri-Fab 40-Inch Spike Aerator is a high-quality product that makes maintaining a lawn simple and effective. If you have a medium-sized lawn, this would be the perfect pick for you!

It features a diameter of 40 inches. This spike tow behind aerator has a working width of 40 inches, which allows it to maximize the impacted area while still providing enough soil coverage.

The galvanized spike disks on the device make it easy to penetrate the soil. In addition, the design of the pre-assembled long spike aerating tool saves significant time during the assembly process, which helps to make the aeration process even more convenient.

The 40-Inch Spike Aerator has two flat-free tires measuring 7 inches each, which provide for a smooth transit experience. Additionally, up to 100 pounds of additional weight may be added to the weight tray in order to maximize soil penetration.

The universal hitch is designed to work with any make or model of lawn tractor, while the easy-to-use cantilever transfer handle makes it possible to raise and lower the knives with no effort.

For those interested in lawn care, the Agri-Fab 40-Inch Spike Aerator is a product that, all things considered, possesses a high level of performance and provides exceptional outcomes.

  • 40-inch diameter
  • Universal hitch that works with any make or model of lawn tractor.
  • The 40-inch width may be too small for larger lawns.

#3. Brinly Tow Behind Spike Aerator – Best for deep soil penetration & larger properties

For anybody interested in giving their lawn a new lease of life, the Brinley Tow Behind Spike Aerator is an excellent piece of equipment to have.

This aerator has 11 tine stars, each of which has 12 spike points, allowing it to penetrate the soil to a depth of up to 2 inches. It’s great for the shallow holes and grass seeds!

The galvanized steel 3-D tines provide a sturdy tool that is resistant to bending and rusting. Additionally, the strengthened side plates and 5/8-inch solid steel axle offer added robustness to the tool.

The tool’s all-steel construction increases its durability, and the nylon spacers positioned between each star directly contribute to the increased strength.

This aerator can cover a vast area in a single pass since it has a broad, channel-shaped steel tow bar design in addition to a sturdy weight tray that has a capacity of up to 150 pounds and can carry that much weight.

The turf-tread transport wheels make moving the device around a joy, and the single lever gives the operator easy access to both the working mode and the transport mode of the device.

The Brinley Tow Behind Spike Aerator is, all things considered, a high-performance and long-lasting piece of equipment that can be used to revitalize even the most worn-down lawns.

  • 11 tine stars with 12 spike points
  • 3-D steel tines for strength and durability
  • 150 lb capacity weight tray
  • Might be too heavy for some users.

#4. Brinly Tow Behind Plug Aerator with Universal Hitch – Best aerotor with universal hitch

An outstanding piece of machinery, the Brinly Tow Behind Plug Aerator makes it simple to tend to a lush lawn and keep it looking its best.

Because of its 32 heat-treated and 16-gauge steel plugging spoons, it is able to penetrate compacted soil and remove up to 3-inch plugs of earth, so enabling water, grass seed, and fertilizer to reach the roots of plants.

In addition, the sturdy construction of the aerator ensures that it will survive for a long time. It also features a weight tray that is completely enclosed and has the capacity to carry up to 200 pounds of additional weight, maximizing soil penetration and depth.

The transportability of the Brinly Tow Behind Plug Aerator has also been prioritized in its design. It features a single transport lever that, when engaged, allows the 10″ semi-pneumatic rubber tread tires to operate in transport mode.

Because the tool’s four independently spinning, welded tine parts limit grass damage during turns and help achieve consistent penetration on uneven ground, it may also be used safely on terrain that is not perfectly flat. This feature makes the tool suitable for use on uneven ground.

In addition, the Brinly Tow Behind Plug Aerator is adaptable and simple to maintain thanks to its universal hitch, which can be attached with relative ease to any lawn tractor as well as the majority of ZTRs and ATVs.

  • Heat-treated and 16-gauge steel plugging spoons
  • 200 lb capacity weight tray
  • 10″ semi-pneumatic rubber tread tires
  • Maybe too heavy for some users.

#5. Craftsman 40-Inch Tow Plug Aerator – Best for efficient results

The Craftsman 40-inch aerator is yet another affordable pick that is excellent for owners with medium-sized and large yards! Due to its convenient size, it can also be used on a small yard as well.

Both experienced groundskeepers and novices will find the Craftsman 40-Inch Tow Plug Aerator to be an invaluable piece of equipment.

Because it has 24 coring points made of galvanized steel, it can take plugs from your grass that are up to 3 inches thick. This makes it easy for you to prepare the soil for planting in the spring or fall.

For optimal coring action, the large weight tray may handle up to 140 pounds of ballast, and the flat-free tires allow for smooth rolling over grass surfaces.

Both the aerator’s deck, which is made of heavy-gauge steel, and its drawbar, which is welded together, offer superior durability and strength.

In addition, because it has a cantilever transfer handle and a design that makes it simple to put away, the tow behind plug aerator can be lifted and lowered with relative ease and leaned up against a wall when it is not in use.

Because of its 40-inch aeration route, it can cover any lawn quickly and effectively, making it an excellent option for meeting the requirements of both residential and commercial lawn care services.

  • 24 coring points made of galvanized steel
  • 140 lb capacity weight tray
  • Heavy-gauge steel deck and welded drawbar
  • /

#6. Agri-Fab SmartLink Plug Aerator – Best plug aerator

The Agri-Fab SmartLink Plug Aerator is a fantastic piece of equipment for enhancing the general well-being of lawns.

It can be attached to the platform without the need of any tools, and its rustproof aerator blades can remove soil plugs that are up to three inches deep.

This makes it possible for air, water, and nutrients to more readily access the soil, which results in a lawn that is denser and in better health.

Unlike spike aerators that simply create holes in the soil, plug aerators remove small cores or plugs of soil from the ground, which can be 2-3 inches deep, depending on the model. This helps to alleviate soil compaction more effectively compared to other types of aerators.

Knowing that the aerator you purchased for your lawn care needs comes with a limited consumer warranty good for three years will give you peace of mind. In addition, because it is compatible with other SmartLink devices, such as a dethatcher and drop spreader, you can quickly and simply transform it from an aerator into a tool that can be used for any other purpose.

To summarize, the Agri-Fab SmartLink Plug Aerator is a gadget that is simple to operate and dependable, making it ideal for maintaining the healthy appearance of your lawn throughout the year.

  • Attaches to the master platform without tools.
  • Compatible with other SmartLink devices
  • Might be too large for some users.

#7. Strongway Spike Aerator – The best spike aerator

It is highly recommended that you give some thought to purchasing the Strongway Spike Aerator if you are searching for a method of aerating your lawn that is both effective and efficient.

This aerator has a working width of 42 inches, which enables it to easily cover a big area with each pass, saving you both time and effort in the process.

But what makes this aerator truly remarkable are the twelve spike wheels that have a diameter of 9 inches and are able to dig as deeply as 2 inches into the ground.

This helps to release compacted soil effectively, which in turn promotes healthier plant development. In addition, the weight trays have the capacity to hold up to 70 pounds of additional weight, which may be added if you want even further ground penetration.

The pin-style hitch on the Strongway Spike Aerator allows for a simple connection to lawnmowers and ATVs, giving it a flexible choice that can be utilized on a range of lawns. Because of the aerator’s long-lasting powder-coat finish, you can be sure that it will serve you well for many years.

When compared to other aerators now available on the market, this particular model stands out thanks to the amazing spike wheels, expansive operating breadth, and adaptability that it possesses.

  • 42-inch working width
  • 12 spike wheels with a 9-inch diameter
  • Weight trays hold up to 70 pounds of additional weight
  • May be difficult to handle for some users.


Which is better, a coring aerator or spike aerator?

Coring or plug aerators remove plugs of soil from the lawn, which helps to alleviate soil compaction and encourages deep root growth.

Spike aerators use long spikes to puncture the soil, which loosens and aerates the soil. Spike aerators are less expensive and easier to maintain but may not be as effective as coring aerators.

Which is better, liquid or plug aeration?

Liquid aeration, also known as soil conditioning, involves applying a liquid product that helps to break up compacted soil and promote deep root growth.

Plug aeration, on the other hand, involves physically removing small plugs of soil from the lawn. This method creates larger holes in the soil, which allows for better air and water circulation and promotes deeper root growth.

Is a spike aerator better than nothing?

best aerator for lawn tractor

Yes, a spike aerator is better than nothing when it comes to lawn aeration. While it may not be as effective as a coring or plug aerator, a spike aerator can still provide some benefits for your lawn by loosening compacted soil and allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the roots.

Is fall or spring aeration better?

Both fall and spring aeration can be beneficial for your lawn, but the timing will depend on your specific needs and climate.

In general, fall aeration is recommended for cool-season grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and ryegrass, which are typically found in northern states.

Spring aeration is more appropriate for warm-season grasses, such as Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass, and St. Augustine grass, which are commonly found in Southern states.

How to attach an aerator to a lawn tractor?

To attach a lawn aerator to a lawn tractor, first, locate the hitch pin and align the aerator with the hitch. Second, lower the aerator and secure it in place with the hitch pin. Lastly, attach any necessary weight to the aerator for maximum effectiveness.


In conclusion, a tractor aerator can be a great tool for improving soil health, especially in agricultural and larger landscaping applications.

Tractor aerators create small holes or cavities in the ground that allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil and reach the root zone of growing plants and allow the soil to heal quickly. The result is improved growth from healthier plants due to better drainage and nutrient availability. 

 By investing in a quality tractor aerator, you can promote healthier plant growth while saving yourself valuable time and effort.

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