What’s the Best Tractor Drawbar Trailer Hitch Money Can Buy? 2022 Reviews

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If you need to be efficient in harvesting and farming jobs, you undoubtedly need tractors with 3-point hitches.

A 3-point hitch is nowadays a complete heavy-duty construction, serving as an attachment point for different heavy implements.

So, it’s not confined only to some tractors and trailers.

There are different categories of quick 3-point hitches, as manufacturers created units convenient for multiple farm projects.

But, what’s the best tractor trailer hitch & drawbar with suitcase? Stay tuned.

Best drawbar hitch & drawbar with suitcase 2022: Our best overview

$$$Category 1, 3 Point Hitch Receiver Drawbar Suitcase – 50 pounds.

Best quality due to heavy-duty mechanism. Suitable for multiple farming tasks and different projects. Yet, specific design issues.

$ECOTRIC 3 Point 2″ Receiver Trailer Hitch – 24.8 pounds.

Best stability and security of setup process and extra pin support for compatibility with various implements and equipment. Still, not for John Deere machines.

$hikotor Heavy Duty 3 Point 2 Inch Receiver Drawbar Hitch – 21.4 pounds.

Best performance, thanks to the versatile and adjustable design. Solid and reliable for all jobs and suitable for multiple farm machinery. But, too small with a questionable standard.

$Cat 1 Drawbar 3 pt Tractor Trailer Hitch – 24.1 pounds.

Best design with a stable pin mechanism for maximum security and effortless setup while operating. However, too narrow structure.

$YINTATECH 3 Point 2″ Receiver Trailer Hitch – 27.1 pounds.

Most durable and reliable construction for numerous harsh conditions, prolonged work hours, and increased pressure. Quick setup. Nevertheless, size issues.

$2″ Receiver 3 Point Trailer Hitch – 26 pounds.

Most potential and sturdy structure for an extended period and multiple heavy-duty projects. Versatile for numerous machines. Anyhow, questionable standard.

$$Titan Tractor Drawbar with Suitcase – 42 pounds.

Best stabilizer for enhanced and improved protection of working machines. Keeps farm machinery optimal. Nonetheless, no standard specifications.

#1. Category 1, 3 Point Hitch Receiver Drawbar Suitcase – Best quality

  • Brand: Heavy Hitch LLC
  • Material: Alloy steel 
  • Vehicle fit: tractors
  • Best for: John Deere small tractors 

Why is the Heavy Hitch 3-point hitch drawbar with suitcase our best option?

Well, you will like the 3-point drawbar with suitcase due to its overall performance and the heavy-duty steel construction.

Thus, the drawbar with a suitcase has an ideal operating process, with or without the 3-point quick hitch system.

So, you can easily mount it, and the drawbar with a suitcase will perform efficiently, without any obstacles.

Thanks to the heavy-duty steel construction, the 3-point hitch receiver provides maximum strength and durability for multiple operations and functions.

So, it will resist and withstand all external forces, impacts, and pressure while operating.

As you have seen above, the drawbar receiver can work with or without a 3-point hitch mechanism.

Besides, you can use it on a 3-point hitch alone for improved performance and different robust uses.

In addition, the 3-point receiver contains specific OEM numbers, so the rear tractor drawbar with a suitcase is convenient with various John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Kubota, Case IH, New Holland, and other tractors and trailers.

Still, the 3-point quick hitch receiver is the most compatible with the John Deere Series 1 subcompact tractor and other trailers.

Yet, you must check the specifications to find the corresponding implements and other tractor equipment compatible.

Finally, you will get an outstanding warranty period for the Category 1 3-point quick hitch receiver.

You can always get the full monetary refund or replace it with a similar tractor receiver.

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • stable and secure
  • easy to install
  • specific design issues

#2. ECOTRIC 3 Point 2″ Receiver Trailer Hitch – Best safety & stability features

  • Brand: EGO BIKE
  • Material: Alloy steel 
  • Vehicle fit: tractors, trailers
  • Best for: the bottom and top pin design

The EGO BIKE 3-point trailer hitch category 1 is an excellent heavy-duty rear attachment for your compact tractors and all heavy-duty operations.

Namely, the 3-point trailer hitch receiver contains a specific pin design to attach different implements and work with larger or smaller tractors and trailers.

Hence, you can find that the 3-point trailer hitch receiver lift pins with a 0.875 diameter and overall width of 27 inches.

Still, you have to check the OEM specifications thoroughly, as the 3-point trailer hitch receiver will not fit John Deere IMatch.

The 3-point hitch receiver is widely used for various rear implements at the tractor’s rear part, thanks to its superior performance.

In addition, it is compatible with multiple operations in the construction business and industrial functions.

Of course, thanks to the stability and security of the installation, you can attach the trailer or some other implement and move them around your property.

But, again, the secure installation will prevent the swinging and rattling of the accessory.

Due to the heavy-duty structure, the 3-point quick hitch receiver is strong, potent, and solid enough to endure and resist corrosion and rust.

In addition, the construction will resist various external forces, impacts, and pressure.

Moreover, the quick hitch receiver is ideal for its triangle structure and frame, with a top pin and bottom pin for stable attach points.

So, due to construction, the tractor receiver features a lightweight system.

And the receiver is easy to install and use due to its adjustable features.

  • security
  • durable
  • reliable
  • easy to install
  • not for John Deere iMatch

#3. hikotor Heavy Duty 3 Point 2 Inch Receiver Drawbar Hitch – The best performance

  • Brand: hikotor
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Vehicle fit: tractor, trailer
  • Best for: versatility and adjustability 

What’s so unique about the hikotor 3-point quick hitch adapter?

Well, the hitch adapter contains heavy-duty material for enhanced durability, strength, and more power for various tractor implements and other equipment.

Moreover, since it’s powder-coated, the hitch adapter is ideal for all working conditions and won’t damage so soon.

You will find multiple benefits, including size – 18-inch width and 19-inch height.

Therefore, the quick hitch adapter contains a triangle design, making the setup a lot easier and effortless to hook up and lock on the tractor-trailer.

So, the quick hitch adapter will save your energy and time.

Thanks to its unique performance, the quick hitch adapter easily assembles, disassembles, and moves rear implements, trailers, and other tractor attachments around the bumpy ground, construction sites, industrial soil, etc.

Due to lifting pins, the triangle of lift arms belongs to the Category 1 tractors and their standard 2-inch trailer receiver.

Therefore, the quick hitch adapter is ideal for larger and smaller tractor models, compatible trailer models, and other implements.

You will also notice that the quick hitch adapter works as a stabilizer for more balance, security, and stability of the various subcompact and compact tractors, including numerous BX Kubota, John Deere, KIOTI, Yanmar, other hitches, and tractor brands.

But, you must check the hook specifications, receiver part number, and other specifications to find the matching units and complete the setup process effortlessly.

Otherwise, the quick hitch receiver cannot work with your specific trailer or another implement.

  • affordable
  • easy to install
  • durable
  • stable
  • too small, not standard

#4. Cat 1 Drawbar 3 pt Tractor Trailer Hitch – Best design

  • Brand: EGO BIKE
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Vehicle fit: tractor, truck, trailer
  • Best for: installation bolts 

The EGO BIKE 3-point trailer hitch receiver is a fantastic option for your tractor-trailer or some other 3-point implement due to the unique shape and standard of the receiver.

Thus, the trailer receiver does not have a triangular shape but a standard one, so it fits a regular 2-inch truck receiver with steel tubing.

Also, the trailer receiver has a particular size.

Therefore, it features specific construction, from pin to pin, and fits all Category 1 tractors and implements.

Due to its powder-coated finish, the hook is durable and sturdy enough to resist pressure, working conditions, forces, and impacts.

So, it cannot damage so soon, and the working tool will ease the operations.

You can also attach different tractor attachments, and the hitch will keep the lift arms lowered below the axle.

Thus, it will prevent rear overturns if you attach an implement for pulling or towing.

Thus, your connection will be stable and safe for an extended time, and you can use the quick attach bolts to install the implement on the hook faster.

So, the hitch saves your time and energy.

Of course, due to the heavy-duty frame, the hitch will resist all weather conditions and elements, and you can use it all year round, regardless of the season.

So even if you expose it to harsh conditions, it cannot damage too soon.

And examine the part numbers to find its compatibility with BX Kubota, New Holland, Ford, Massey Fergusson, and other brands.

  • sturdy
  • durable
  • secure
  • pin design
  • too narrow

#5. YINTATECH 3 Point 2″ Receiver Trailer Hitch – Most reliable and solid

  • Brand: YINTATECH 
  • Material: metal 
  • Vehicle fit: tractor, trailer 
  • Best for: various pull and push operations

The YINTATECH trailer hitch category 1 meets all standardized attachments compatible with 2-inch quick hitches thanks to its structure and design.

Also, the top and bottom pins are included for various operations and different attachments.

Moreover, the quick hitch receiver is ideal for all larger and smaller subcompact and compact tractors, including BX Kubota, Yanmar, NorTrac, KIOTI, and other brands. Still, it doesn’t fit John Deere machines.

So, you need to examine the OEM specifications and find the corresponding plow, towing, pull, loading, and other implements.

Otherwise, you will have serious issues attaching the hitch to the machines.

Due to its heavy-duty material and overall structure, the trailer hitch receiver is ideal for all working conditions and elements.

As a result, you can use it on various construction sites, heavy-duty jobs, and under increasingly harsh conditions.

Thanks to the pins at the top and bottom, you can use it for a quick change tool at the tractor’s rear end, and the pins will make the quick hitch compatible with smaller machines.

Besides, you can quickly disengage it.

In addition, as the construction is solid and reliable enough to endure and withstand pressure and impacts, the connection between the vehicles and supporting machines won’t be loose but stable, safe, and secure.

Hence, you can perform for an extended time without a bit of worrying about whether the hitch structure can endure the rough terrain, bumpy rides, or other harsher conditions.

  • money-saving
  • safe pin system
  • secure
  • easy to install and use
  • size issues

#6. 2″ Receiver 3 Point Trailer Hitch – Most durable and sturdiest

  • Brand: VOWAGH
  • Material: Alloy steel 
  • Vehicle fit: tractor, trailer 
  • Best for: BX Kubota machinery

The 3-point hitch receiver is ideal for all Category 1 farm machinery, thanks to its standardized specifications and weight.

So, you can check the item part numbers and find the corresponding quick hitches it meets.

In addition, the hitch has a reliable triangular design, more durable and solid for various harsh operations, prolonged work hours and pressure, and other external forces and impacts.

Due to the finish and heavy-duty system, the hitch adapter cannot harm so soon.

You can easily connect a plow, harvester, towing, pull, and other attachment types since the adapter meets all 2-inch hitches.

Then, of course, you will install it on the vehicle’s chassis and move your machines around effortlessly.

Due to pins and their system, the connection will be stable and secure for an extended period, so you don’t need to worry even a bit about potential risks and hazards.

Nothing can go wrong once you connect all parts correctly.

Still, the hitch fits various Kubota machines best, and you still must inspect the details to find the most suitable device meeting the requirements of the tractor part.

However, suppose you leave your device under harsh external conditions for an extended period. In that case, you will still notice corrosion or rust, even though the powder-coated finish protects the hitch adapter on a higher level.

So, think twice before you leave the tractor unprotected.

Finally, the pins will provide an effortless setup once you match all the parts and find their correct positions.

  • pin mechanism
  • sturdy
  • affordable
  • quick setup
  • questionable quality

#7. Titan Tractor Drawbar with Suitcase – Best protection

  • Brand: Titan Distributors Inc.
  • Material: Alloy steel 
  • Vehicle fit: tractor, trailer
  • Best for: stabilizer points

Finally, the last drawbar with the suitcase is an ideal stabilizer for your high-torque vehicles, as it offers the ultimate protection.

Thus, the hitch with the suitcase will prevent your machines from tipping, protecting the front axle.

Hence, the hitch stabilizer will enhance traction by shifting and balancing the weight from the vehicle’s weaker front end to the secure rear end.

So, the stabilizer will keep the machine and accessories stable and safe.

Moreover, the hitch stabilizer with the suitcase works well with all 2-inch hitch points, thanks to the 2-inch built-in suitcase.

So, you can easily attach implements to the drawbar hitch and transport the loads effortlessly.

Due to its unique benefits, the drawbar with suitcase works with all Category 1 machines and hooks and includes the regular pin system for effortless installation.

Still, the top and the bottom link pin also keep the connection secure and stable during work hours.

Thanks to the green powder-coated finish, the hitch ensures durability and sturdiness for an extended time, prevents rust and corrosion, and offers optimal conditions for all-around performance.

And as the stabilizer comes with a unique dimension, it hooks easily with numerous machines from different brands.

But, it would be best to check the exact numbers to find the best fit for pull, load, tow, mow, and other operations.

Besides, you will get a reasonable warranty period if something goes wrong, but it’s not probable. So, you can use it for harsh projects.

  • stability
  • sturdiness
  • durable
  • money-saving
  • not standard specifications

Choosing the best tractor trailer hitches and drawbars with suitcases: Buyer’s guide

To select the best quick hitches, you need to know some basic knowledge regarding the units.

So, here are crucial factors to consider before the final purchase.

What is a 3-point hitch?

best tractor drawbar with suitcase

It’s a device used to connect a tractor with an implement or a trailer to do various agricultural works, such as towing, harvesting, plowing, etc.

The hitch comes with a specific triangular shape, or A letter, and attaches to the 3-point attachments to achieve the 90-degree ratio flexibility to the machine and hitch arm.

In addition, drawbars assist the hitches for a different position and quick & stable setup.

They ensure better grip and friction with the attachments for optimal working conditions.

Finally, they reduce the attachment weight or tractor weight controlling the direction of the attached implement lining up with the machine.

What’s their purpose?

As they connect to the triangle drawbar of the tractor/trailer, they are controlled by hydraulics. Yet, the third top link makes the equipment attached.

According to the attachment and driving, they raise or lower, transferring the attachment’s weight to the front and rear axles of the tractor/trailer to keep them optimal.

So, the 3-point hitch increases security and stability for efficient farming.

Main types of the hitches

The lift arms, implement, and the top link is connected via the hole-pin design. The attachment point permits you to quickly attach or detach and change the attachments.

However, the diameter is suitable for the trailer, but it varies from tractor to tractor. Hence, quick hitches have specific sizes and proportions.

So, they are divided into four categories:

a. Category 1

These are 0.875 and 0.75 inches.

The units are ideal for compact tractors between 21 and 50 HP. Their height is also 14-16 inches.

Still, there’s a 0 Category before this, less than 21 HP.

b. Category 2

The measurements are 1 and 1.14 inches. Still, the lift arm spacing is around 30 inches.

The units are the best for 40-100 HP tractors. They’re more heavy-duty than the first category.

c. Category 3

Convenient for 78-225 HP machines.

The top link measures 0.25 inches, while the arm links have 0.43 inches. Yet, their spacing measures approximately 36 inches.

d. Category 4

Suitable for machines for 178 HP and more. Their pinholes are 2 inches, and the spacing is 45 inches. And the link pins measure 1.75 inches.

However, these four categories have different load capacities, so:

  1. 1st category – 2,000 pounds of maximum weight
  2. 2nd category – 5,000 pounds of maximum weight
  3. 3rd category – 15,000 pounds of maximum weight

Crucial Factors to Consider

1. Size

It would be best to search the tractors and implements’ fitting weight and overall proportions, so you need to measure the top link and lift arms.

The correct measurement eliminates further setup implications.

2. Weight

best compact tractor drawbar

Always examine the maximum two capacity & tongue weight. In addition, the HP or the receiver determines the category.

So, search for the category that will fit your material and construction, as they depend on these too.

3. Durability

Note that the best units are rust and corrosion-resistant and last longer.

So, choose various steel units with powder-coated finish in the reviews to avoid quick harm, and prolong their lifespan.

4. Versatility

It’s crucial to select the hitches that fit various attachments and machines, but you must check their OEM specs to find the most suitable ones for devices.

So, also examine the correct category before the final purchase to eliminate future issues.


What is a tractor drawbar?

It’s a heavy bar attached to the tractor’s rear part, used as a hitch for pulling machines, including mowers and plows.

What size drawbar do I need?

how to use a tractor drawbar

You need to determine the proportions of the top links and determine the category of the hitches.

So, once you do it, you can choose the correct length of the drawbar.

What is the tractor drawbar used for?

To stabilize and ensure safe operations while connecting implements for efficient farming.

What type of drawbar is best?

The A-shaped type is the most prominent due to the total strength the angle frame offers the trailer.

In addition, it supports the trailer’s outer edges and prevents tipping when poorly or overloaded.

Are tractor drawbars hardened?

They have metal or steel construction with a powder-coated finish, so they are hardened.

Yet, you need to be careful when operating to prevent damage.

So, what’s the best trailer hitch?

The best one is the Category 1, 3 Point Hitch Receiver Drawbar Suitcase. It’s the most durable and sturdy unit, specific for its premium design and strength benefits.

It’s ideal for multiple heavy projects and multiple brands. Yet, it’s too expensive, but the price matches the standard.

Final verdict

If you’ve examined the reviews, it’s time for checkout.

I hope you’ve found crucial factors when choosing the best hitches, and now you can select the best unit.

Still, follow the guide to avoid complications, and ensure the units fill all necessary points for the best use.

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