Ford 4000 Reviews: Detailed Guide on a Ford’s Best-seller (2023 Update)

If you are looking for a versatile tractor to help you achieve various farming tasks efficiently, then the Ford 4000 reviews have all the information you must know.

The Ford 4000 carries the title of the “best-selling Ford tractor,” and there is a reason behind it. This tractor is durable, reliable, and equipped with the most advanced technological features Ford has included in their tractors.

Stay tuned to see the features and specifications of the Ford 4000.

Take Away Key Notes

  • The Ford 4000 is a part of the 1000 series by Ford. The tractor includes technological advancements that make it one of the most popular models by the brand.
  • The 4000 model is a utility tractor capable of performing various farming tasks.
  • The tractor offers more power than its predecessors, including mechanical wet discs, better engines, and bigger fuel capacity.

The History of Ford 4000

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The Ford 4000  is a part of Ford’s well-known “1000 series.” In 1964, Ford announced the production of the 1000 series and the four models that would make the series so popular among farmers.

The 1000 series tractors were manufactured in the existing Ford plants in Belgium and  Michigan. The newer models replaced the old Ford tractors by including a number-based designation system.

The four models of the 1000 series were 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000. The first three models were built with a three-cylinder engine, while the last 5000 series is equipped with a four-cylinder engine.

The new models, especially the 4000 and 5000, included significant technological advancement and innovative features that would help farmers finish their tasks in the best possible way. The 4000 is a popular choice among farm workers as it requires low maintenance and is highly reliable.

The Ford 4000 is a two-wheel drive utility tractor with two types of transmission and a maximum power output of 46.3HP. The tractor is compatible with various loaders, allowing farmers to achieve numerous tasks.

Today, the Ford 4000 could be considered a rare collector’s item. The price of the 4000 tractors is relatively affordable, while the demand is high. The modern features integrated into the Ford 4000 tractor could easily compare to some of the new models on the market.

You can quickly know the year the Ford 4000 was manufactured based on the serial numbers. However, the year of the manufacturer can also affect the tractor’s condition, so check that before purchasing.

YearSerial Numbers

Key Specifications

ModelFord 4000
TypeUtility tractor
Fuel tank capacity60.5 L
Battery 12 V
Cabin typeOpen operator station

Ford 4000: Engine Specs

The Ford 4000 can be found with a diesel engine or a gasoline engine, depending on the year of the manufacturer.

Ford gasoline engine: the Ford 4000 gasoline engine is 3.1L 192.0 cu·in a three-cylinder engine. The naturally aspirated gasoline engine features 4.41 in the cylinder bore and 4.21 in the piston stroke. The compression ratio for this engine is 8.0:1.

Ford diesel engine: The three-cylinder diesel engine is a 3.3 L engine with a cylinder bore of 4.4 in, while the piston stroke is 4.4 in. The compression ratio for the diesel is 16.5:1.

The engine in the 4000 tractors is a liquid-cooled engine that offers reliable use.

With a liquid-cooled engine, users do not have to stop the engine from running to cool it when needed. Not only can this save your engine from damage, but it can also result in efficient farm work.

Regarding the engine’s starter, it’s also fluid, which can benefit those living in colder climates. In addition, the quick start-up guarantees reliability and durability for the Ford 4000 tractor engine.

Compared to the rest of the 1000 series tractors, the 4000 Ford got a serious upgrade in the engine department.

Gas Engine

Engine typeFour-stroke, liquid cooled, inline
Number of cylinders 3
Displacement192.0 cu·in
Bore and stroke4.41 in X 4.21 in
Compression ratio8.0:1
Oil capacity7.6 L
Coolant capacity13.2L

Diesel Engine

Engine typeFour-stroke, liquid cooled, inline
Number of cylinders3
Displacement201.0 cu·in
Bore and stroke4.4 in X 4.4 in
Compression ratio16.5:1
Oil capacity7.6L
Coolant capacity13.2
Intake valve clearance0.015 inches
Exhaust valve clearance0.018 inches

Ford 4000 Tractor: Transmission

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The secret lies in the transmission if you are looking for a feature that makes the Ford 4000 tractor review unique. The Ford 4000 tractor features a dual-range transmission system. In addition, the power steering system on the Ford 4000 allows you to control the vehicle easily.

You can opt for a Select O Speed or a dual-range transmission based on the double transmission system.

The Select O Speed system features ten forward and two reverse gears, while the dual transmission offers eight forward and two reverse gears. The four-speed gear selector is also located on the left side, so it will be much easier to manage.

Additionally, the Ford 4000 tractor features mechanical wet disc brakes, a convenient addition to the traditional clutch. Lastly, the oil capacity for the Ford 4000 tractor makes it the most popular choice among Ford models. The oil capacity is much bigger than the rest of the competitors, and it measures 12.5 L.

Dual Transmission

Chassis4×2 2WD
Steering typeHydraulic power
BrakesMechanical disc brakes
Transmission typeGear type
Number of gears8 forward, 2-reverse
SpeedForward: 16.8 mph
Reverse: 8.1 mph
Transmission oil capacity12.5 L
With independent PTO: 16.0 L

Select O Speed

Transmission typeGear type
Number of gears10 forward, 2-reverse
SpeedForward: 17.6 mph
Reverse: 5.1 mph
Transmission oil capacity11.6 L

Ford 4000 Tractor: Hydraulics

The hydraulic system in the Ford 4000 tractor is an open center. Additionally, there is an open central path in the control valve. The pump flow is continuous, while the steering flow is 4.5 GPM. The transmission PTO is available with 31.8L, while the independent transmission PTO is available with 30.7 L.

Compared to the predecessor models, the Ford 4000 tractor features an upgraded hydraulic system that offers complete control for the operator. The hydraulic system is a tad robust, but it will serve well. In addition, the hydraulic system should be the least of your concerns with proper maintenance and frequent use.


Hydraulic typeOpen center
Pressure2500 psi
Pump flow5.5 gpm
Steering flow4.5gpm
Capacity8.6 gal
31.8L transmission PTO
30.7L independent PTO
Steering pressure800 psi

Ford 4000 Tractor: PTO & Dimensions

The Ford 4000 tractor features a separate PTO shaft that delivers 46HP of maximum power output. The earlier 4000 tractor versions weighed around 1,434 kg, while the row-crop version of the tractor weighed 1,588 kg.

Additionally, the three-cylinder models of the 4000 do weigh up to 2,215 kg. This robust tractor is perfect for farmers who need to get a variety of tasks done with just one machine. Initially, the Ford 4000 tractor was built for towing auxiliary equipment, but it was later proved it could do so much more. The tractor is suitable for load work as it is compatible with Ford 771 loader and Ford 772 loader.


PTO claimed power55 HP
Plows 4
Drawbar tested46HP
PTO typeIndependent
Rear RPM540

Three-Point Hitch

Control typePosition and draft control with double acting top
Lift capacity3.200 lbs

Tractor Dimensions

Width67.3 in
Height84.6 in
Weight4,885 lbs

Common Issues With Ford 4000 Tractor

Although the Ford 4000 tractor review has shown some of the best features of this outstanding model, users must be aware that this tractor has a flaw. In addition, the Ford 4000 is quite an old one, even though it’s among the most popular tractors.

The manual steering is quite a drawback when it comes to operator comfort. Since there is no automatic steering, controlling the steering wheel will not be as smooth as it is with other tractors.

The hydraulics can often be an issue if the tractor is not frequently used.

The price of the tractor is another disadvantage. You can still find the tractor for a reasonable price in good condition, but the current price point is $6,000.


When was the last Ford 4000 made?

The Ford 4000 was made from 1962 to 1975 by Ford’s company based in the USA. Initially, the 4000 series was heavily based on the 801 and 901 tractors during the first three years of production.

What is the price of a Ford 4000 tractor?

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When the Ford 4000 was first launched on the market, the price stood at $3,500, while today’s market value is estimated at $6,000.

How much does a Ford 4000 weigh?

The Ford 4000 tractor weighs 1,434 kg in the utility version, and 1,588 kg in the row-crop version, while the three-cylinder model weighs 2,215 kg. But, no matter the weight, the Ford 4000 is easy to operate, especially for a novice farmer.

How fast can a Ford 4000 go?

The Ford 4000 tractor includes a 10-speed transmission that reaches 18.3 mph and a speed selector so the operator can easily choose the optimal speed for the task.

How do I identify a Ford 4000 tractor?

To identify a Ford 4000 tractor, you will need to check the serial number on the tractor. The first digit in the number indicates the production year. All of the 1000 series have a serial number located above the starter.

For tractors manufactured between 1965 and 1974, the digit corresponds to the last number of the year. The serial number letter represents the manufacturer’s month (A is for January, B is for February, and so on).

What engine does a Ford 4000 tractor have?

The Ford 4000 engine is a liquid-cooled three-cylinder and can be found in diesel or gasoline variations.

Final Words

The Ford 4000 is an excellent tractor with advanced technologies and features to last you for many years! This reliable vehicle can complete various agricultural works in no time, while the repair is effortless, and the parts are easily found with a local dealer.

The durable construction, improved hydraulics, transmission, and chassis make this tractor one of the most valuable models by Ford.

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