Staying True to the Classic: The 2022 Ford 8N Tractor Reviews

Did you know that Ford tractors are the standard for reliability? The Ford 8N tractor reviews discuss why this budget-friendly model is still a classic choice for many farm workers.

Although the Ford 8N is not known for its highly technological functions or power steering, there is one thing for sure. The Ford 8N will never let you down!

Let’s see all the functions, specs, and much more information in the specification table of the Ford 8N tractor.

Key Notes:

  • The Ford 8N is a classic tractor model for completing essential farming work.
  • The main features of the tractor were upgraded compared to the previous models.
  • The tractor features a low-price point, and all parts are easy to replace on the aftermarket.

The History of Ford 8N

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The Ford N-Series tractors were produced from 1939 to 1952. The line consisted of three models: the Ford 8N, Ford 9N, and 2N. The 9N tractor was the first to include Harry Ferguson’s three-point hitch. The 8N model debuted a few years later and soon became the most-selling tractor in North America.

The 8N tractor series were equipped with better transmission and were much larger than the 9N series. The tractor includes a 4-speed transmission, the most significant difference found compared to its predecessors.

The previous N-series included only a 3-speed transmission. Apart from the transmission, another noticeable upgrade was a better P.T.O. speed and drawbar horsepower.

The Ford 8N tractor also had a different design than the previous models. The 8N tractor was painted light gray on the sheet metal, while the rest of the body was painted in the well-known Ford red color.

The 8N tractor was also the first to include a clutch on the left of the steering wheel and independent brakes on the right side.

In 1953, the Ford 8N tractor was replaced by a new model Golden Jubilee, also known as Ford N.A.A. The N.A.A. tractors were a serious upgrade from the Ford 8N and the entire N series, including larger, heavier, and better-performing models.

Ford 8N Key Specifications

Key Specifications

ModelFord 8N
Width1,640 mm
Length2,920 mm
Height1,380 mm
Weight1,833 kg
Wheel Base1,770 mm
Battery6V 80A Ground: Positive

Ford 8N Engine Specs

The Ford 8N tractor features a 4-cylinder engine with an L-cylinder head. The tractor uses a steel cylinder bore—the tractor performance maximum drawbar hp 23.16hp in second gear.

In case there is a need for an engine rebuilt, the Ford 8N allows for easy replacement thanks to the steel cylinder sleeves.

The engine may not supply much power for heavy-duty tasks, but it’s always reliable. The Ford 8N features a constant mesh transmission responsible for operating well on the field. The crankshaft is steel, static, and dynamic balanced, with compression psi at a cranking speed of 90 psi.

The majority of Ford 8N tractors use a gasoline engine. However, some 8NAN models even use distillate fuel. The eight-valve engine used in the 8N tractor offers 23.22 HP. Lastly, the thermostat is located in the upper radiator hose and starts to open at 160-l65 degrees; from that, the heat is directly transferred to the radiator fins.

Gasoline  Engine Specs

EngineFord Gasoline 4-Cylinder engine 
Engine typeFour-stroke, liquid-cooled 
Fuel TypeGasoline
Rated RPM2000
Torque RPM1500
Torque92 lb-ft
Starter volts6
Oil Capacity5.7 L
Coolant Capacity11.4 L
Horsepower27.4 HP
Stroke 3.75 inches
Piston Displacement119.7 cu. In. 
Torque92 lbs ft. at 1500 rpm
L-Head Maximum Drawbar HP. 2nd Gear23.16
Maximum belt horsepower at 2000 R.P.M27.32
Total engine oil pan6 qts. with filter

Ford 8N Distillate Engine

EngineFord distillate 4-cylinder 
Stroke3.188×3.75 inches
Rated RPM2000
Starter Volts6
Oil Capacity5.7 L
Coolant Capacity11.4 L


LocationIn the upper radiator hose
Thermostat opening start160-165 degrees F
Fully open190-200 degrees F


Main bearing diameter2.248-2.249 inches
Rod bearing diameter2.094 inches

Ford 8N Transmission

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The Ford 8N transmission is the unique feature of this tractor series. With the 8N tractor, you can choose between two transmissions-a constant mesh transmission that includes four forward and one reverse gear, or you can opt for a 12 forward and three reverse gears (Sherman combination transmission).

The transmission in the Ford 8n tractor consists of constant mesh helical gears that offer long service and quiet operation. Also, the power-take off is driven within the transmission.

Transmission & Chassis Specs

Steering TypeMechanical
BrakesMechanical drum
Transmission Type (1)Constant mesh
Gears4-froward; 1-reverse
SpeedForward: 21.9 kmh; Reverse: 9.8 kmh
Transmission oil capacity18.9 L
Transmission Type (2)Sherman combination transmission
Gears12-froward; 3-reverse
Speed Forward: 37.2 kmh; Reverse: 16.5 kmh

Ford 8N Hydraulics

The Ford 8N hydraulics can be seen as a weak spot. The hydraulic system includes a piston pipe driven through the P.T.O. shaft. The system also consists of a self-contained hydraulic unit, a ram cylinder, and a control linkage.

However, the hydraulics, as well as the P.T.O., are not live. The tractor’s hydraulics are relatively simple, but they are powerful. The hydraulic pump and unit are all located in the central housing, which employs transmission oil as the hydraulic fluid. Thanks to this design, the 8N is less likely to experience oil leakage.

The tractor features a three-point hitch type one, with a maximum lift capacity of 800 lbs. The internal hydraulic system offers four pistons and a maximum pressure of 1700 psi.


Hydraulic capacity 18.9 L
Pressure1700 psi
Pump Flow2.85 gpm
Pump TypeScotch Yoke piston
DriveDirect power take-off shaft

Power Take Off

Spline1 1/8 in.
PTO Speed545 R.P.M.
Rear PTO TypeTransmission

Ford 8N Performance & Dimensions

The Ford 8N tractor has a large fuel tank that can fit up to 37.9 L. The fuel tank capacity will suffice for the entire working day in the field, so refueling is not needed.

The highly-efficient tractor offers a spacious operator cab with steering gear that reduces fatigue during long working hours.

The utility tractor is relatively large compared to the predecessor models. However, the larger tires offer better ground clearance and excellent traction on the field.

Performance & Tire Size

General Wheelbase70 inches
Length115 inches
Height 54 ½ inches
Width & overall thread 64 ¾ inches
Front standard tire size4.00-19
Shipping weight 2,410 lbs
Rear standard tire11.2-28
Tire pressureRear tire: 12 lbs
Front tire: 26 lbs.

Turning Circle Radius With Brakes

Outer front wheel8ft
Tractor centerline at the rear axle3 ½ ft
Drawbar height8 ½ to 34 ¼ inches

Tractor Capacities

Cooling system12 qts.
Fuel tank10 gallons 
Engine oil pan6 qts with filter transmission
Oil bath air cleaner1 pint


Type of clutchSingle plate
Diameter of the clutch9 inches
Release bearing (pre-lubricated)Ball-bearing


Why was the Ford 8N so popular?

The Ford 8N is a popular classic tractor from the N series, designed to do basic farming work thanks to the versatile three-point hitch attachment. Farm tractors like Ford 8N are popular due to their low-cost maintenance and limitless availability.

Which is better: 8N or 9N Ford tractor?

Both 8N and 9N Ford tractors are respectable models with great versatility for farming work. However, the 8N is the better choice when deciding between the two. The Ford 8N is the new tractor from the N series, produced only a couple of years after Ford 9N.

With several improvements, the Ford 8N has better horsepower and a four-speed transmission.

How many gears does an 8N Ford tractor have?

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The Ford 8N tractor has two sets of gears: you can opt for a classic constant mesh transmission and a Sherman combination transmission. The constant mesh transmission offers four forwards and one reverse, while the Sherman combination provides 12 forward and three reverse gears.

What is the best oil for a ford 8n tractor?

The best oil for the Ford 8N tractor is quality straight-weight or multi-vis motor oil, such as 5W-30 or 5W-40. The 8N tractor has a total oil capacity of 6 qts with a transmission filter.

Can a Ford 8N run a brush hog?

Yes, a Ford 8N tractor can run a brush hog. Since the Ford 8N uses three-point hitch attachments, you can use the tractor for brush hogging, blading the driveway, or even pulling work.

The rated drawbar of the tractor is 23.16 hp on 2nd gear so make sure you get proper attachments. Due to the non-live P.T.O., N series models are not the most powerful used as a mower or with a bush hog.

Does a Ford 8N have a live P.T.O.?

No, the Ford 8N does not have a live P.T.O. The Ford 8N tractor is relatively simple and does not include power steering. Instead, it offers lower horsepower and reliability.

Final Words

The Ford 8N tractor is a simple all-time classic model. If you are looking for an inexpensive tractor that can get down to the most simple farming tasks, the Ford 8N is the choice for you!

All of the parts for the 8N tractor are accessible on the aftermarket, making it the best tractor for low-cost ownership.

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