Learn How to Drive Safely With the Best Tractor Tire Chains (Top 6 Picks)

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Tractors are mighty vehicles necessary for agriculture, but how safe are they? Well, if you secure them with proper equipment and attachments, tractors are good to go on almost all terrains!

One of the safest attachments you can put on your tires to prepare them for the snowy days is tire chains! Tractor tire chains help assist with the necessary traction needed for rough roads. In addition, they can prevent your vehicle from slipping, so they are crucial for snow or mud!

However, considering there are various tractor train styles to choose from, we have put together a helpful guide that will assist you in choosing the best tractor tire chains!

Our Favorite Tractor Tire Chains – Overview

best tractor tire chains for ice

$The ROP Shop | Pair of 2 Link Tire Chains & Tensioners – Offer excellent traction for both ice roads and mud, one of the best tire chains for lawn tractors. Only suitable for turf tires.

$Security Chain Company – These tractor chains are the best for muddy terrain as they feature a double link chain style. Installing them can be tricky.

$TerraGrips Tire Chains – Suitable for all types of terrain, feature a unique rubber slats chain style that will not cause damage to the ground or the lawn. Not suitable for hilly areas.

$The ROP Shop New Snow Mud TIRE Chains – One of the best chain styles for snow removal, does not hide between tire lugs, great for deep snow. Only suitable for turf tires.

$Arnold Lawn Tractor Rear Tire Chains – The ultimate snow chains designed by a tire chain expert, made to last and easily navigate in ice, roads. Requires tensions for the perfect fit.

$OakTen Snow Thrower Tire Chain – Offer excellent traction with double-spaced link design, durable and rust-resistant.

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Best Tractor Tire Chains on the Market – Top 6 Picks

  • Brand: Rop Shop
  • Includes Tensioners: Yes
  • Suitable For Snow & Mud: Yes
  • Durability: Excellent

Our first pick goes out to the incredible ROP tire chains. These have terrific durability and are currently one of the best-selling items on the market.

The ROP tire chains offer extra traction for both ice roads and muddy terrain, which are versatile.

One feature that makes these tractor chains a quality purchase is that they include tensioners in the offer.

As for the tire chain style, you will receive a pair of Zinc-plated two-link tire chains.

With tensioners, you can rest sure knowing the tractor chains are always properly secured and have an excellent fit and grip on the tire.

Plus, they eliminate the chance of slack, so they are great for lawn tractors and snow blowers.

You should know about ROP tire chains because they are suitable only for turf tires, so keep that in mind.

All in all, these tire chains are versatile and will fit most tire sizes. However, getting them to tighten is a bit challenging.

  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • Superior traction
  • Great for winter and ice roads
  • Come with tire chain tensioners
  • Tightening is challenging

2. Security Chain Company – Best Tractor Tire Chains For Muddy Terrain

  • Brand: Security Chain
  • Includes Tensioners: No
  • Suitable For Snow & Mud: Yes
  • Durability: Excellent

Meet your new companion for muddy terrain!

These Security Chain tire tractor chains are the best pick for slippery roads! It’s challenging enough walking in the mud, but imagine driving through it!

For this reason, you need suitable tire chains for your tractor that will secure it nicely and not allow slipping.

Now, many people are wondering whether you can use these tire chains for ice roads and winter weather.

Of course, you can, but this tire chain style has proved to work better on mud. Here is why.

As you know, hard-packed snow and ice will put less pressure on the tires than mud would.

Therefore, you would need chains with tougher and heavier chains that are capable of operating on challenging terrain such as mud.

They are made from steel-coated zinc and have been hardened and tempered for more endurance and durability.

As a result, they work well on hard surfaces, just as they do on softer pavement.

The double ring chains style makes them unique, which is best suited for softer ground.

  • Affordable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Better traction
  • Great for muddy terrain
  • Installing them can be challenging

3. TerraGrips Tire Chains – Best Rubber Slats Tire Chain

  • Brand: TerraKing
  • Includes Tensioners: No
  • Suitable For Snow & Mud: Yes
  • Durability: Excellent

If you are not keen on the regular cross chains for tractors, this is a good set of rubber slats you will love!

Surprisingly, they can conquer all terrains, including the pavement, woods, grass, deep snow, muddy roads, or ice!

What makes these tractor chains attractive is their design.

As we mentioned, they are not classic cross chains you can usually find online. These are made of multi-ply rubber slats.

Why are they so beneficial? Glad you asked.

Traditional chain styles can be superb for rough roads and ice, but what about lawn and pavement?

They sure can leave a mark or even damage them permanently, so this is where the rubber slats come in!

They are much more gentle on the lawn and ground in general and high in quality.

Rubber slats chains like this often have an excellent grip, and such is the case with this model.

You do not need to use tools to install them as they are pretty firm and pleasant to adjust.

  • Rubber slats
  • Excellent for all types of terrain
  • Do not tear into the frozen ground or wet lawn
  • Not suitable for the hill

4. The ROP Shop New Snow Mud TIRE Chains – Best For Snow Removal On Driveway

  • Brand: The ROP
  • Includes Tensioners: No
  • Suitable For Snow & Mud: Yes
  • Durability: Excellent

Next up, we have another cross chain for tractor tires coming from the ROP brand.

As you can see, our top pick also comes from this brand, and while we value it for versatile use, this one is more suited for muddy terrain.

These cross chains are the best tire chain style you can find for challenging roads.

In the purchase, you will receive zinc-plated two-link cross chains.

However, you have to note that just like the previous pick by the ROP, these snow chains are only suitable for turf tires.

They have an excellent grip on the tires and don’t tear into the ground, which is the key if you plan on using them on the lawn.

Also, thanks to the zinc-plated manufactory, these tire chains are rust and corrosion-resistant.

Plus, they are excellent value for the money considering the quality design and that they fit different tire sizes.

A lot of the customers prefer these tire chains for snow removal on the driveway and compact tractor models.

  • Affordable
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Great for clearing snow on the driveway
  • Only suitable for turf tires

5. Arnold Lawn Tractor Rear Tire Chains – Best For Snow And Ice Roads

  • Brand: Arnold Store
  • Includes Tensioners: No
  • Suitable For Snow & Mud: Yes, especially for snow
  • Durability: Excellent

Driving through ice roads during winter requires extra safety and caution.

For this reason, you must be 100% sure you have picked out the absolute best chain styles possible for the given situation.

Well, our best recommendation for snowy days would be the Arnold rear chains.

Tire chain experts make Arnold tire chains, so you can rest sure knowing they can endure any challenging road situation.

They are made from stainless steel, so they are also rust and corrosion-resistant, meaning they will last you for a long time!

As for the traction, many customers were pleased with the delivery.

The tire chains have a nice grip on almost all tire-size models, but it’s safer to measure out before ordering.

In any case, I would recommend you get a pair of tensioners just in case.

They navigate easily in hard-packed snow and ice roads which is key for a safe ride during winter!

A significant benefit comes from leaving minimal marks on the ground so that they won’t damage your lawn!

  • Extra traction
  • It fits most tire sizes
  • Great for snow
  • Excellent grip
  • Requires tensioners for the best fit

6. OakTen Snow Thrower Tire Chain – Best For John Deere Snow Blower Tractor

  • Brand: OakTen
  • Includes Tensioners: No
  • Suitable For Snow & Mud: Yes
  • Durability: Excellent

Is your John Deere tractor serving you well?

Well, when wintertime rolls around, you will need to secure the tires for the ice roads!

One of the safest picks for a John Deere Snow Blower Tire with size 22 x 9.5-12 are exactly these OakTen tire chains.

They offer the perfect pick and grip on the tires, but you can also fit them on other models, thanks to their size. Just take all the measurements before ordering.

The OakTen tire chains are coated with zinc, so there is no need to question these tractor chains’ quality or durability.

In addition, they are resistant to rust and corrosion, so you can use them for several seasons before you decide to drop them.

What makes them so unique is the double-space link design that offers impressive traction in all conditions!

In addition, the chain style will allow for smooth drives either on snow or muddy terrain.

Lastly, once installed on the tire, the chains do not vibrate or go loose, which is a common problem with farm equipment for snow.

  • Affordable
  • Double-space link design
  • Terrific traction
  • /

How to Choose the Right Tire Chains for Your Tractor?

best tractor tire chains for snow

Step one of choosing the best tire chains is to learn how to read tire size.

It’s important to know that tire chains do not come with a universal fit, so you must get the ones with an excellent grip to have a safe ride.

Getting tensioners is always easy, but what are you doing when the chains are too small for the tire size?

To avoid these mistakes, you need to know what the number on the tires means.

Every tire will give you information numbers printed on the sidewall, for starters. Take, for instance, P215/65R1589H. 

The first letter on the tire indicates the type of tire.

For instance, P stands for passenger, used for SUVs, minitrucks, tractors, or pickup trucks. Other usage includes LT(light truck), ST (special trailer), T (temporary).

The number that follows the letter is tire width indicated in millimeters.

The slash number indicates the aspect ratio of the sidewall.

The letter following is the tire type.

The number following is the wheel diameter expressed in inches, and finally, we have the load index and speed rating.

1. Type of Tractor Tire Chains

Chain styles come in a wide array of options.

Therefore, you can get different link patterns such as ladder chains, double ring chains, duo grip chains, diagonal chains, squares, or diamonds.

You need to be extra careful with ladder chains because some are more suited for deep snow and some for ice.

2. Chain Clearance

best lawn tractor tire chains

The chain clearance will ensure a proper fit on the tire.

Firstly, you need to consult with the manual and check whether your tractor tires are compatible with tire chains.

You would be surprised, but some vehicles do not allow for clearance for tire chains.

3. Driving Conditions

Before ordering tractor tire chains, consider the driving conditions you will be using the most.

For example, if you are in an area that only snows occasionally, you may as well get entry-level chains.

They have excellent traction, yet they are not too heavy-duty.

Standard chains are the best for daily use on the snow. This means no heavy snow or ice, but you still want security on the road.

On the other hand, premium chains are terrific for deep-packed snow and icy roads. They are the best for challenging conditions during wintertime.

Also, consider whether you will be using tractor chains occasionally or continuously? Are they only for emergencies, or are you planning on driving up to a hill or in the woods?

Different driving conditions may require different chain styles, so get your facts straight before ordering.

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Do tire chains work on a tractor?

Yes, tire chains do work on a tractor.

However, tractor tire chains can be chosen based on tire style, clearance, and work environment.

Should I put chains on all four tractor tires?

If you own a four-wheel-drive tractor, you should put tractor tire chains on all four tires.

It’s also recommended you put on tire chains on two-wheel drive tractors as it will ensure a safe ride and prevent slipping.

What tractor tires are best for snow?

One of the best tractor tires for snow is the Nokian TRI2.

These tires are the best for ice and snow roads, thanks to the tread pattern, as they offer excellent traction.

Plus, they are self-cleaning and gentle on the grass surface.

What size chains do I need for my tractor?

best farm tractor tire chains

To find out what size chain you need for your tractor tires, all you need to do is check the tire sidewall.

You will find a number located on the sidewall.

The first number will indicate the tire’s width; the second number indicates tire height, and the third one indicates the diameter of the tire in inches.

Do tractor tire chains help in mud?

Yes, tractor tire chains do help out in the mud! They are one of the best helping aids if you find yourself stuck in muddy terrain.

You are best with using tire chains with a large link size for mud.

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Final Words

We have reached the end of the review, and these were some of my top options for the best tractor tire chains.

Of course, driving in the winter requires more safety and preparations, so you must equip your tractor with the best possible chain style!

Here we have listed six options suited for snow and muddy terrain so that you can choose based on the driving conditions!

My number one pick would be The ROP Shop | Pair of 2 Link Tire Chains & Tensioners, so you can’t make a mistake with it.

Chain up and drive safely!

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