The Best Farming Expert for You: John Deere 3020 Reviews! (2022 Edition)

John Deere is the absolute champion in the farm world! The JD tractors are known for their performance, heavy and light-duty uses, and effectiveness. But what about older models?

The John Deere 3020 reviews will show that the older machines are as valuable as the latest tractor generations.

Stay tuned to learn about the benefits, performance, power, and product line history of the John Deere 3020 model.

Take away Key Points:

  • The John Deere 3020 is a part of the New Generations Series, produced from 1964 to 1972
  • The model replaced the old 3010 tractors and offered better brake, hydraulic, and PTO system
  • The tractor is perfect for all farming tasks and uses three-engine models

Best John Deere 3020 Reviews: What You Need to Know?

If you need your farm’s John Deere 3020 tractor, please refer to the specs below to find critical features.

john deere 3020 diesel reviews

1. John Deere 3020 tractor history

The John Deere 3020 tractor was manufactured as a part of the New Generation Series from 1964 to 1972. The first Series was produced from 1964 to 1968, and the second from 1969 to 1972. The tractor series was made in Waterloo, Iowa, and Mexico. The total number of tractors produced was 74,463.

The model replaced the John Deere 3010 tractor, although the two machines were similar. However, the John Deere 3020 tractor stands out in the New Generation Series due to improved hydraulic levers, a longer, bent gear shift lever, and a narrower oval muffler, providing better visibility.

The original price for the New Generation Series from 1964 to 1972 was $10,000. Nowadays, the price ranges up to $17,000 at local auctions and dealers.

In addition, throughout the years, the serial numbers were changing, including:

  • 1964: 50000
  • 1965: 68000
  • 1966: 84000
  • 1967: 97286
  • 1968: 112933
  • 1969: 123000
  • 1970: 129897
  • 1971: 150000
  • 1972: 154197

However, the numbers changed with the years & it might be challenging to read them correctly. For instance, if your serial number is T113R074121, here is the guide to read it:

  • The first “T” means tractor, and 1XX means your tractor is 3020
  • The second number x1x tells if it is 1 – row crop, 2 – standard, 3 – high crop
  • The third number xx3 is fuel designation, 1 – gas, 2 – LP, 3 – diesel
  • The letter R is for synchro transmission, while P is a power shift transmission.
  • T113R is a 3020-row crop, diesel engine and synchro transmission.

2. John Deere 3020 general specs

The John Deere 3020 was a row-crop utility tractor with a wheelbase of 90 inches and 71 horsepower. The tractor was a revolutionary machine due to the three different engine options and several different tread options. The tread options included:

  1. Standard
  2. Narrow front-row crop
  3. Narrow front row crop with roll-o-Matic
  4. Wide front-row crop
  5. Row crop utility and orchard

Let’s see the leading John Deere 3020 specs below.

General John Deere 3020 specs

Length138.5 inches (351 cm)
Width 89.625 inches (227 cm)
Height (steering wheel)75.5 inches (191 cm)
Height (exhaust)87.5 inches (222 cm)
Wheelbase90 inches (227 cm)
Rear axleBar 
Rear tread60-91 inches (152-231 cm)
Rear tread60-97 inches (152-246 cm for long axle)
Rear tread 60-113 inches (152-187 cm for extra long axle)

3. John Deere 3020 mechanics

The general mechanical features include overall construction and its mechanism. The mechanism responds to the row-crop utility features. Thus, the tractor consists of the following:

Mechanical specs

Chassis 4×2 2WD
Differential lock Rear optional 
Steering Power assist 
Brakes Differential hydraulic wet disc 
Cab Open operator station 
Transmissions Eight-speed partially synchronized
Eight-speed full power shift 

4. John Deere 3020 engine key features

difference between john deere 3010 and 3020

The John Deere 3020 tractor was popular among farmers for its three different engine options. Farmers could use:

  • 4.4l 4-cyl diesel engine
  • 3.7l 4-cyl gasoline engine
  • 3.7l 4-cyl LP gas engine

John Deere produced all three engine models. Look at their features below.

John Deere 3020 diesel engine specs

TypeJohn Deere diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled
Displacement 270 ci 4.4l
Bore/stroke4.25×4.75 inches (108×121 mm)
Air cleanerOil bath 
Pre-heating Ether injection 
Compression 16.5:1
Rated RPM2500
Operating RPM1500-2500
Firing order 1-3-4-2
Starter volts24
Oil capacity 9 qts (8.5l)
Intake valve clearance0.018 inches (0.457 mm)
Exhaust valve clearance 0.018 inches (0.457 mm)

5. John Deere 3020 hydraulics

The model offers an improved hydraulic system with a three-point hitch, Category 2. Thus, it can raise, lower, or hold the mounted or semi-mounted attachments. And the energy increased the performance of the hitch and PTO.

Hydraulic specs

Type Closed center 
Pressure 2100 psi (144. bar)
Valves 1
SCV flow 6 GPM (22.7 LPm)
Total flow 14 GPM (53.0 LPM)

6. John Deere 3020 transmission

The John Deere 3020 tractor transmission options offered the standard Syncro-range transmission mechanism with eight forward speeds and two reverse speeds. However, the tractor also used an optional eight-speed power shift transmission.

The main difference between the two systems is the number of gears and the clutch mechanism. The synchro-range utilizes dry, while the Powershift uses differential hydraulic wet disc brakes.

Syncro-range transmission specs

TransmissionJohn Deere syncro-range 
Type Partially synchronized 
Gears Eight forward and two reverse   
Clutch Dry disc 
Oil capacity 32 qts (30.3l)

And here is the John Deere 3020 power shift transmission:

Powershift transmission specs

Transmission John Deere powershift 
Type Full power shift 
Gears Eight forward, and four reverse 
Clutch Hydraulic wet disc 
Oil capacity 44 qts 41.6l 

7. John Deere 3020 power

The John Deere 3020 tractor was ideal for its strength and performance. Ranked at 71 HP, the tractor is perfect for all farming tasks. It quickly manages wider and larger implements at faster speeds.

You can use the tractor for various operations, thanks to the highest loading capacity and transport convenience. The tractor is ideal for airports, industry, and harvesting in complex soil conditions.

Power specs

Drawbar (claimed)57 HP (42.5 kW)
PTO (claimed)70 HP (52.2 kW) – Syncro-range
65 HP (48.5 kW) – Powershift 
Drawbar (tested)63.13 HP (47.1 kW)
PTO (tested)71.26 HP (53.1 kW)

8. John Deere 3020 PTO

The John Deere 3020 tractor is ideal for its PTO mechanism. The PTO shaft offers enough energy to the tractor implements for all farming operations.

PTO specs

Rear PTO Independent 
Rer RPM 540/1000
Engine RPM 540 at 2100
1000 at 2100
Mid RPM 1000

9. John Deere 3020 weight

As mentioned above, the John Deere 3020 tractor is ideal for all light and heavy-duty tasks. The loaders and similar implements have higher lifting and loading capacities thanks to its PTO system.

Weight specs

Shipping 7139 lbs (3238 kg) (gas engine)
7300 lbs (3311 kg) (LP-gas engine)
7342 lbs (3330 kg) (diesel engine)
Operating 7695 lbs (3490 kg)
7945 lbs (3603 kg)
Ballasted 9585 lbs (4347 kg)

10. John Deere 3020 fuel capacity

The John Deere 3020 is a fuel-efficient tractor utilizing 29 gallons of fuel tank capacity. Thus, it surpassed the older John Deere 3010 model.

Fuel tank specs

Fuel 29 gal (109.8l)
LP-gas fuel 33.6 gal (127.2 l)
Synchro-range capacity 8 gal (30.3l)
Power shift capacity 11 gal (41.6l)

11. John Deere 3020 tires

Since the model offers various farming operations, the tires must be reasonable and stable enough to dig into the thick ground and keep the construction stable.

Tire specs

Ag front 6.00-16
7.50-16 (single)
11.00-12 (single)
Ag rear 13.6-38

12. John Deere 3020 electrical system

The model uses two 12V batteries for the operations. You might be able to remove one and use only one voltage system, but be careful to read the instruction manual thoroughly to avoid power source complications.

Electrical mechanism specs

Ground Positive (12V)
Floating (24V)
Batteries One (12V)
Two (24V)
Battery volts 12

13. John Deere 3020 attachments

how many john deere 3020 were made

The best tractor implements for the John Deere 3020 model are the John Deere 148 and 48 loaders.

Attachments specs 148 loader 48 loader 
Loader weight 1350 lbs (612 kg)/
Height (to pin)126 inches (320 cm)126 inches (320 cm)
Clearance, dumped bucket 102 inches (259 cm)104 inches (264 cm)
Dump reach 32 inches (81 cm)26 inches  (66 cm)
Dump angle 38 degrees 39 degrees 
Clearance, level bucket 121 inches (307 cm)/
Rollback angle Eleven degrees /
Breakout force (lift)4700 lbs (2131 kg)3600 lbs (1632 kg)
Lift to full height (at pin)3100 lbs (1406 kg)2400 lbs (1088 kg)
Bucket capacity 0.5 cu yd (0.4 cu m)
0.6 cu yd (0.5 cu m)
0.8 cu yd (0.6 cu m)
0.9 cu yd (0.7 cu m)
Bucket width 60 inches (152 cm)
72 inches (182 cm)
84 inches (213 cm)
96 inches (243 cm)
60 inches (152 cm)
72 inches (182 cm)

14. What are the alternatives?

The biggest rival to the 3020 model is the John Deere 3010 tractor. The model was replaced by the 3020 tractors. The differences include the following:

  • The 3010 was manufactured from 1961-1963; the 3020 from 1964-1972
  • The John Deere 3020 price was higher ($10,000) compared to the 3010 ($4,700)
  • The 3020 had ten more HP than the 3010 model
  • The 3020 offered a power shift transmission
  • The 3020 included a differential lock system


As part of the New Generation Series from 1964 to 1972, John Deere provided unique benefits for the time. Only a few manufacturers could follow the three-engine models and higher HP for all farming tasks. So, the model is still valuable, even today.

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