John Deere 4320 Reviews: Behind the Scenes of the Most Popular Tractor (2023 Guide)

If you are a true John Deere fan, you are aware of the popularity the 4020 tractors reached.

But, did you ever wonder:

What is the tractor that succeeded the great 4020?

Experts say the John Deere 4320 tractor is the next best choice. The John Deere 4320 reviews will closely examine how this tractor quickly became the most popular choice among farmers.

Stay tuned to learn all about the specifications and features that make the John Deere 4320 tractor unique.

Take Away Key Notes:

  • The John Deere 4320 tractor is a row-crop tractor compatible with numerous attachments and implements.
  • The 4320 tractor exists in two variants. The older version was built between 1971-1972, while the new version is still in production.
  • The tractor runs on a Turbo Charge diesel engine, offering reliability to every farmer.

The History of John Deere 4320

john deere 4320 compact tractor reviews

During the 1960s, the John Deere 4020 tractor era, farmers believed nothing could ever beat the powerful model. Little did they know that John Deere had other heavy-duty equipment up its sleeve at the time.

The John Deere 4020 tractor was a powerful machine at the time of production; however, competitors had more to offer as the years went by. The 4020 could not do all the heavier duty, and the tension to make something even more remarkable was rising.

Around the time, John Deere manufactured the 5020 tractors. The tractor was powerful, reliable, and worked hard for many hours until farmers realized it could not compare even to the 4020. The 133HP 5020 tractors were not cut out for the row-crop operation.

To satisfy the farmers’ needs, John Deere manufactured the row-crop version of the 5020 tractors. However, the version did not reach great success. The tractors were still a bit awkward to manage and incapable of doing much.

Finally, John Deere published the 4320, which was soon marketed as a “Super-4020” tractor. The 4320 tractors produced 115HP, a significant upgrade and a horsepower gap from the 4020 tractors. However, regarding the features, the 4320 did hold an uncanny resemblance to the compared tractor.

Like the 4020 tractors, the 4320 model offered power steering, a rock shaft, power brakes, a single remote cylinder, a three-point hitch that could power most equipment, and Roll-Gard protection. Again, like most John Deere tractors, many farmers could get the various front ends. Besides the standard adjustable wide front end, operators could enjoy the single front wheel, narrow or adjustable front ends, rigid or Roll-O-Matic dual front, or a fixed front end.

The 4320 tractors were produced between 1971-1972, and within the years of production, around 20,000 left the factory.

The 4320 tractor was available only in the row-crop variant. However, a few farmers used it as a standard tractor as well.

Currently, there are two types of 4320 John Deere tractors. The first one is the original version, produced in 1971, while the second version is still produced by John Deere today. The new John Deere is a compact tractor, offering a versatile service to many farmers. The horsepower stands at 48HP, and it’s one of the most desirable tractors. In addition, the newer version is compatible with various attachments, making it a trusty workhorse for novice and professional farmers.

Key Specifications

ModelJohn Deere 4320
Length159 inches
Width89.4 inches
Long axle: 95.9 in
Extra long axle: 103.9 in
Dual axle: 113.0 in
Height106.7 inches
Fuel tank capacity166.5 L
Cabin typeOpen operator station. Two-post ROPS and canopy (option). Cab (option)

John Deere 4320: Engine

The John Deere 4320 is built with a turbocharged diesel engine. This is a 6.6L 6-cylinder engine that is also liquid-cooled. The inline 6-cylinder diesel engines produce more torque, delivering more power for any agricultural task.

Furthermore, the turbocharged engine can produce more power without risking excessive wear and tear of the engine. However, putting regular gas engines underneath could significantly cause spontaneous detonation.

One of John Deere’s best decisions with the 4320 tractors is supplying it with a diesel engine that can endure turbocharging pressure. Diesel engines are also known for converting up to 45% of fuel into energy, resulting in a fuel-efficient service.


Engine typeFour-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Number of cylinders 6
Displacement404.0 cu·in
Fuel typeDiesel
Bore and stroke4.25 in X 4.76 in
Compression ratio15.7:1
Horsepower115.0 HP
Oil capacity15 L
Coolant capacity16.5 L
Air cleanerPaper elements compression
Fuel use30.1 l/hour
Operating rpm1500-2200
Rated rpm2200
Starter volts12

John Deere 4320: Transmission

how much does a john deere 4320 weight

What makes the John Deere 4320 tractor so unique are the transmission options. The 4320 tractor uses PowrReverser and eHydro transmission.

PowerReverser transmission: this transmission offers 12 gears which provide a wide range of motion for different agricultural work. The transmission uses a wet clutch, both in forward and reverse gears, offering the tractor a long lifespan.

eHydro transmission: The eHydro transmission offers three-range electronic hydrostatic transmission, which features a pump and a motor. The pump and the motor deliver fluids to transmit the engine power. One of the biggest benefits of the eHydro transmission is that you can easily change directions without using the clutch. Additionally, the new tractor offers better cooling.

The old John Deere 4320 tractor was equipped with a Syncro-Range transmission that offered 8-forward and 2-reverse gears. As a result, the all-wheel drive tractor is reliable, especially for snow removal and heavy-duty tasks.


Chassis4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Steering typePower steering
BrakesDifferential hydraulic wet disc
Transmission typePartially synchronized gears with dry disc clutch
Transmission modelSyncro range transmission
Gears8 forward, 2 reverse
SpeedForward: 30.4 kmh Reverse: 10.6 kmh
Transmission oil capacity53 L
Clutch13.5-inch dry disc

John Deere 4320: Hydraulics, PTO & Attachments

The John Deere 4320 tractor is rather versatile regarding attachment compatibility and hydraulics. The modern version of the 4320 John Deere can be used with equipment suitable for mowing, hauling, snow removal, landscaping, equine, digging, livestock, cutting, seeding, and many more!

This is the best tractor for a modern farm due to its various applications. Recently, the new version of the 4320 tractors has been further upgraded to match the rest of the Deere lineup. The latest version can even be used as a utility tractor for the most demanding tasks.

The old John Deere 4320 tractor had two adjustable widths of hydraulic power to assist the front ends. However, they were rarely found in some models.


Rear PTO typeIndependent 
Independent Rear rpm speed540/1000

Three-point hitch

Hitch categoryII
Lift capacity3,749 lbs

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic typeClosed center
Hydraulic capacity53 L
Valves 1 to 3
Pump Flow 22.0 gpm

Dimensions & Tires

Steering wheel height81.4 inches
Front axle clearance24.5 inches
21 inches
Rear axle clearance27.8 inches
21 inches
Drawbar clearance 15 inches
Rear axle3.375-inch diameter
Ag front tires10.00-16
Ag rear tires18.4-34
Width89.6 inches
95.9 inches  (long axle)
103.9 inches (extra long axle)
113 inches (dual axle)
Front Tread10.7 -15.8 inches tricycle
(tricycle) 50.8- 79.9 inches
8.8 -87.9 inches wide
Wide 55.5 -60.8 inches
(standard)standard 64- 82 inches (4WD)
(4WD) 70-88 inches (4WD wide)
Rear Tread 60 to 91 inches (cast wheels)
60 to 96 inches (offset wheels)
60 to 97 inches (long axle)
60 to 102 inches (offset long axle)
67 to 105 inches (extra long axle)
60 to 110 inches (offset long axle)
66 to 115 inches (dual axle)
60 to 120 inches (offset dual axle)

John Deere 148 Loader

Weight1350 lbs
Height to pin126 inches
Dumped bucket clearance102 inches
Dump reach32 inches
Dump angle38
Level bucket clearance121 inches
Rollback angle11
Lift to full height3100 lbs
Breakout force4700 lbs
Bucket capacity0.5 cu yd
0.6 cu yd
0.8 cu yd
0.9 cu yd
Bucket width60 inches
72 inches
84 inches
96 inches

John Deere 158 Loader

Weight1771 lbs
Height to pin156 inches
Dumped bucket clearance132 inches
Dump reach32 inches
Dump angle37
Level bucket clearance151 inches
Rollback angle12
Lift to full height3800 lbs
Breakout force5000 lbs
Bucket capacity0.5 cu yd
0.6 cu yd
0.8 cu yd
0.9 cu yd
Bucket width60 inches
72 inches
84 inches
96 inches

Common Issues With John Deere 4320 Tractor

4320 john deere horsepower

John Deere 4320 is a good tractor, but as expected, it can run into some problems.

The fuel pump is one of the most frequent issues with the John Deere tractor. The fuel pump often fails in delivering fuel for the engine to work, which can cause a backfire. However, checking the pump is relatively easy and should be done without electrical instruments.

The steering wheel is sometimes difficult to maneuver, especially with the old John Deere model. In addition, the wheel can get stuck sometimes, only allowing some operations to be performed optimally.

Some users have even reported a faulty starter, which can be solved using a voltmeter.

Luckily, the 4320 tractor only shows signs of failure sometimes. With proper maintenance and frequent use, the John Deere tractor can serve you for a lifetime!


Does a John Deere 4320 have a turbo?

Yes, the John Deere 4320 tractor does come with a turbocharged engine which is reliable for any farm task. In addition, the 6-cylinder engine is fuel-efficient thanks to the liquid-cooled coolant, which does not allow for wear and damage to the engine.

Is the original John Deere 4320 still relevant?

The original John Deere 4320 tractor is still relevant for many farm and agricultural tasks. The compact tractor can perform optimally thanks to the Syncro-range transmission, various attachment compatibility, and a beefy gear set.

However, the performance of the old 4320 tractors is limited, especially when it comes to loader work and heavy-duty tasks.

What engine does a John Deere 4320 have?

The John Deere 4320 tractor is equipped with a TurboCharged diesel engine. The diesel engine in the 4320 tractors is capable of producing more torque and power by enduring turbocharges. This operation saves the engine from potential damage, and the tractor can perform demanding tasks.

How much oil does a John Deere 4320 hold?

The John Deere 4320 tractor holds 15L of oil capacity.

Did John Deere make 4320 powershift?

No, the John Deere 4320 tractor was never made with a PowerShift transmission. The possible reason for the lack of Powershift transmission was the high-price point. The John Deere 4320 tractor was a mid-range price tractor, and the addition of the Power Shift would raise the price point significantly.

How much can a John Deere 4320 lift?

The lift capacity of the John Deere 4320 tractor is 2194 lbs to pin.

John Deere 4320 vs 4520: Which model is better?

The John Deere 4320 tractor is better than the 4520, as it is better balanced and suitable for row-crop farmers. However, the 4520 tractor offers more horsepower, rated at 123 HP, so it is more suited for heavy-duty operations.


The John Deere 4320 tractor is a valuable machine even nowadays. Whether you pick the old or the new version, you will experience the true reliability of the John Deere brand.

As you’ve already read in our John Deere 4320 reviews, both tractors are efficient, durable, and there to meet your farming needs.

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