Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson: Which Tractor Is the Best? All Exclusive Info!

Both Kubota and Massey Ferguson sell all tractors, from sub-compact tractors to agricultural models.

However, tractor owners make a tough decision when selecting the best compact tractor, as there are too many variables & factors to compare and decide.

Both tractor brands offer premium-quality models, and the main difference is in details. But, sometimes, it’s the details that change the whole picture.

So, who’s the winner in our Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson debate? Let’s see.

Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson – The ultimate contrast

kubota vs massey ferguson sub compact tractor
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The Kubota tractor brand was established in Japan in the 1890s. It set its headquarters in the USA during the 1960s.

The company dedicated its policy to producing trustworthy and premium-quality tractors and other following equipment for successful farming.

Nowadays, Kubota is the global leader in the tractor world, next to John Deere.

On the other, Massey Ferguson is another giant on the market, with traces back to 1847 in Ontario, Canada.

The joint name was established in 1953, and since then, they have produced multiple tractors and other agricultural equipment to meet farmers’ needs.

But. what are their similarities & differences? Let’s see.

1. Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson – The basics (engines)

Both Kubota and Massey Ferguson offer high-quality, powerful engines for optimal performance and all farm tasks – light-duty and heavy-duty.

Kubota compact diesel engines are leaders in their class, even though Massey Ferguson offers high-quality engines meeting customers’ needs.

The famous Kubota Engine America is the prominent leader and producer of non-automotive multi-cylinder diesel engines under the 100 HP class.

On the contrary, Massey Ferguson introduced a three-cylinder diesel engine for the utility tractors, the 4600 Series. Massey Ferguson utilizes engines from Perkins and Agco Power.

When comparing Massey Ferguson and Kubota tractors, the latter has more power and therefore are more advanced.

For instance, you can compare the sub-compact tractors – 25 H.P. class.

Or, when you compare the 100.5-cubic inches engine in the Kubota L5201 tractor to the Massey Ferguson turbo 91.3 cubic inches engine in the 1726E model, the Kubota tractor provides more power at lower RPMs.

2. Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson – Lawn tractors

Lawn tractors are used for pulling and removing small pieces of equipment, trailers of leaves, soil, weed, and moving grass.

They’re agile and stable for optimal performance in confined places.

The most prominent Kubota tractors in this category are the Kubota Z700 series. They have six different models, the z723KH-3-48 being the most superior model.

The Kubota tractor has an MSRP of approximately $90,000.

The Z700 tractor series are zero-turn mowers for efficiency and speed, featuring a foot parking brake for hand-free and safer operations.

The Z723-3-48 tractor has a 25 H.P. engine and different cutting deck widths, including 48, 54, and 60 inches.

There are no equal Massey Ferguson models in this category, but we’ve pointed out some similar models.

There’s a little confusion with the Massey Ferguson lawn tractors, as they were built by another company yet under their name.

They stopped producing lawn tractor equipment in the early 2000s, yet they were also zero-turn mowers, similar to Kubota tractors.

You can still find them on multiple websites, equivalent to the Z700 series, for around $1,000 to $2,000.

However, as the used equipment comes without a warranty and second-hand tractors, Kubota tractors beat Massey Ferguson in this category.

3. Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson – Sub-compact tractors

Sub-compact tractors are ideal for snow removal, fence building, digging ditches and foundations, leveling land, and gravel driveway food plots.

Due to the smaller frame size, they’re good lawnmowers, and when investing in a good sub-compact tractor, you don’t need a lawnmower.

The best tractor Kubota offers is the Kubota BX1880 model, with an MSRP of around $17,000.

It’s ideal for the front-loader and backhoe operations, such as digging holes, landscaping, or excavating tree stumps.

The engine delivers 18 H.P., which is less potent than its opponent – the Massey Ferguson GC1723EB tractor.

However, the Kubota tractor is created with efficiency and comfort to easily navigate and operate for farmers with little or no tractor experience.

Its opponent, the Massey Ferguson GC1723EB, is the best seller in this category. It has an MSRP of around $10,000, with Massey engines of 22.5 HP.

So, the Massey Ferguson tractor is more cost-effective than the Kubota model.

The model includes a backhoe attachment for digging and lawn care, a smaller size, and fuel efficiency.

Its 661 pounds of rear lift and 870 pounds of front-loader work make the M.F. tractor outstanding among the competitors.

An open-style cabin offers quick access and superb visibility in all directions.

So, due to a more robust engine, good shape, and smaller price, the Massey Ferguson tractor is slightly better than the Kubota model.

4. Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson – Compact tractors

massey ferguson 4707 vs kubota m7060
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Now, this is where the real battle begins.

Both Kubota and Massey Ferguson tractor brands offer multiple compact tractors for all farm operations.

The compact tractors are famous for their potential, extended work hours, advanced performance, and premium-quality equipment for heavy and light-loader work.

Kubota L series is the most prominent compact tractor.

The Kubota L5201 is the best compact tractor among all other tractors. It’s designed as a robust performer on the garden work, yard, or field. The Kubota engine provides 25 H.P.

It delivers more power at lower RPMs than its counterpart, the Massey Ferguson 1726E compact tractor, and it’s the best compact tractor for the price.

Now many farmers claim that gear drive is better than the HST as the HST loses the PTO power through the system.

But, in other terms, the new hydro tractor is more advanced than the gear drive model.

Its price is less than $20,000. Benefits include a spacious cab with ergonomic design, levers and controls, power steering, and a 360-degree vision.

Also, the Kubota compact tractor has a task strength with a loader lift capacity of around 1100 pounds with a 3-point hitch lift capacity of about 1900 pounds.

The Kubota compact tractor is ideal for the EPA Tier 4 emissions.

However, you can also look for the Kubota MX series tractor. But, what does the MX offer?

It offers a hybrid tractor for more functions and better performance than the compact and utility tractor. But check the wheel weights, as they might not be filled.

Its competitor, the Massey Ferguson 1726E compact tractor, is based on a flat MSRP under $15,000 without discounts or movements. Yet, the tractor utilizes 24 H.P.

The two machines are powerful, yet Kubota surpasses M.F.

However, Massey Ferguson is suitable for general tasks on a smaller property. Heavy-duty axles offer stability and reliability. Color-coded levers ensure control.

The three-point hitch is suitable for different tractor attachments and other equipment for optimal performance.

However, we give our vote to the Kubota L series as the best bang for your buck due to more potential.

We know that each dollar makes a difference, but the greater the quality of the compact tractors, the higher the price.

5. Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson – Utility tractors

When it comes to utility tractors, Kubota and Massey Ferguson offer broader models between 55 and 100 HP.

The Kubota M5 Series has an MSRP of around $44,000, but these tractors deliver between 92.5 and 100.5 HP range for cattle or hay farming.

The Kubota M5 Series offers a good ground clearance, low maintenance, quick maneuvering, and a tight turning circle.

The larger tractor is ideal for ramming posts and similar heavy-duty tasks.

The Massey Ferguson 4700 Series offers between 80 and 100 HP, suitable for loader work, haying, tiling, and mowing.

They are more robust and heavier than other models due to the heavy-duty chassis.

The 4708 model provides 80 H.P. and costs about $41,000, whereas the 4710 version has 100 HP and starts at $47,000.

It’s a bit pricier than the Kubota tractors, but the tractor series offer multi-functional performance in multiple projects.

So, both Kubota and Massey Ferguson offer capable machines, but the only problem is the price point. But, you can decide according to your demands and budget.

6. Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson – Agricultural tractors

Kubota launched the M8 Series in the spring of 2020, known as the largest-ever agricultural tractor. Its purpose is to surpass the mid-range crop tractor and larger utility models.

The M8 Series include the Cummins B6.7 Performance Series engine, providing between 190 and 210 HP.

They also utilize a powerful Kubota engine for maximum fuel efficiency and the EPA Tier 4 final emission compliance.

However, Massey Ferguson also has a racing horse, the exceptional M.F. 8S.265 Dyna E Power Exclusive, taking its top place in 2021.

They offer the ultimate horsepower, between 205 and 265 power smashing the Kubota model. Why are they exclusive?

Massey Ferguson AG tractors offer the advanced ergonomic design of the cabins.

So, they have improved the so-called Protect-U cabins to deliver more comfort, visibility, roominess, control, etc.

Their improvement is on the same terms as the Kubota M8 models.

Of course, the pricing is higher by several thousand dollars, yet they deliver the best experience and performance.

Here, we give our vote to Massey Ferguson due to their outstanding power and abilities and better improvement. But, you can always search for more options to best fit your needs.

7. Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson – Price tags

Some models are more expensive; others are more affordable for both brands. But generally, Kubota is more costly than Massey in multiple categories.

Since they have more dealers than M.F., you can check all details before deciding and choosing the best option.

Or, if you think the M.F. models will be as quality as Kubota, you can freely choose the most reliable models. You cannot go wrong.

However, it would be best first to examine all parts and quality and then refer to the cost.

In most cases, the greater the quality means higher the price, but if you get a solid and reliable tractor, it’s worth it.

So, I suggest you pick the quality tractors, not the standard models.

8. Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson – Customer support and service

Kubota has gained more than 1,000 dealers in the USA over the past couple of years. On the contrary, Massey Ferguson has approximately 700 dealers.

So, when comparing two brands, you must think of available parts and equipment, service, and warranty. In addition, tractor owners need quick and supportive customer service.

Kubota indeed offers so to their customers, so many farmers praise them for possible discounts, quick response, problem-solving issues, etc.

But, some customers state that for the Used Kubota equipment, they had to finance it via Credit Union, personal bank loan, or home equity loan.

The parts were good with low hours, but their purchasing requires higher interest rates.

On the other hand, farmers complain that Massey’s cash price is higher than the finance price, so Massey makes customers pay more for the financing deals.

Also, to buy or use second-hand tractors, they have to find the correct interest rate and decide on the monthly payment to finish the price.

So, it would be best to contact customer support and verified dealers and find all details regarding the prices and ways of payments to meet your standards and budget.

9. Kubota and Massey – Reliability

Massey has a long history of making agricultural equipment and tractors between the two brands.

They are famous for their wear-and-tear models, which are solid and reliable for numerous operations.

However, Kubota is the leading brand with a well-known tradition of high-quality models and tractor parts and multiple dealers near you.

So, only through their quality and customer support can you choose the better brand according to your demands.

We don’t doubt that you cannot go wrong whatever choice you make.

10. Kubota and Massey – Durability

With proper maintenance, Kubota can last up to 5,000 hours, which are more extended years.

If you’re extremely careful with the machine, you can extend its life up to 10,000 work hours.

But, when purchasing a specific model, you will get a two-year warranty period without exception and a 2,000 hour-warranty.

Many farmers claim that they are exceptional regarding Massey Ferguson, beating more than 20,000 work hours. However, it doesn’t have to be a necessary norm, nor might it be true.

On average, you can expect the M.F. models to last between 5,000 and 10,000 hours, but only if you regularly maintain the machines. Otherwise, they will fail too soon.

However, some modern machines even now are not as resilient as they should be, so please pay more attention to this feature as well before the final decision.

This way, you will avoid further complications and possible issues with performance.

Both brands offer almost equal durability and advanced performance, but you can choose according to your preferences, needs, and possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Massey Ferguson still a good tractor?

massey ferguson 1825e vs kubota l2501
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Yes, it is. The tractor is easy to maintain, reliable, durable, and solid. The tractors have served the U.S. military well and different agricultural industries globally.

Even though some models might be taller than others, they are unique farm accessories for farming investments.

Which is better: Massey Ferguson or Kubota?

It’s a challenging competition, as both brands offer exceptional models for all purposes.

However, Kubota is better as they generally offer more power and more robust engines for multiple projects, whereas Massey Ferguson still has somewhat limits.

Of course, this doesn’t mean they are wrong; it’s just that Kubota stands out for their quality, and it’s more popular among customers.

What brand engine is in Massey Ferguson?

Their brand is Mitsubishi Engine.

As they have delivered products for more than 160 years, Massey Ferguson’s parts and tractor equipment are powered by a Mitsubishi engine.

Are Massey Ferguson tractors made in China?

Some of them, yes. Multiple experts say the M.F. series 4700 and 5700 are made near Shanghai, China.

What is the most reliable Massey Ferguson tractor?

Well, all of the models mentioned above are reliable due to their specific benefits.

However, the one that stands out the most might be the Massey Ferguson 1726E compact tractor.

The tractor is cost-effective, has a lower price than the similar Kubota model, and is supreme for the three-point hitch.

It works well with almost all tractor attachments, and you can cover and finish multiple farming tasks.

Kubota or Massey Ferguson tractors? – The final verdict

So, what’s the better tractor in your opinion?

If you ask us, we would still go with Kubota. It offers more substantial multi-cylinder diesel engines, more H.P. & increased performance.

In addition, overall design, quality, and power are also in favor of Kubota, so we give our vote to it as well.

Of course, we don’t underestimate Massey, but Kubota wins the overall popularity. Do you agree or disagree?

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  1. I have run both and have 10 MF tractors currently and 1 John Deere. Two of them are newer tractors. I have an 2022, MF1835M Cab Hydro that is made at the Agco plant in China. This is my smallest tractor at 36HP. I also have an 2018, MF5710S Dyna 4 100HP that is made in France, not China. Both of these tractors are fantastic and much more feature loaded than the Kubota. Massey Ferguson is a subsidiary of Agco, that own Fendt, Challenger, Hesston etc.
    I have Masseys that have been in service since the 60’s from my Grandfather. I have MF from the 80’s that ran 20 hours per day during portions of their life at PTO rated speed. They have 12-15,000 hours and still run fine.
    Kubota is a good tractor, but it is a midlevel tractor and not in the same class.


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