The Best International Harvester 1086 Reviews: A Classic Workhorse for All Farming Tasks

If you are searching the market for a versatile tractor, the International Harvester 1086 reviews discuss one of the best tractor choices!

The IH 1086 tractor has been around the market since the 1970s, earning the trust of many farmers who rely on the tractor’s performance for daily tasks. The all-purpose tractor can serve you with plowing, hay balling, or loader work!

This blog post will talk about the abilities and performance of the International Harvester 1086 tractor and why you should invest in this model rather than similar competition.

Take Away Key Points:

  • The International Harvester 1086 tractor is a row-crop vehicle with a 130HP maximum power output.
  • The tractor is a versatile and reliable machine, thanks to its three-point hitch, which allows it to be used with various implements.
  • The reliable engine of this tractor is fuel-efficient and accessible on a budget.
  • The tractor requires frequent maintenance but only performs optimally with every task.

History of International Harvester 1086 Tractor

international 1086 tractor reviews

The International Harvester 1086 tractor is as classic as it gets! The International Harvester Company manufactured this model from 1976 until 1981.

At the time of the production, the average list price in the US market stood at 35,700 USD. Although users considered it expensive at the time, the price referred to the main models with a standard cab cabin option. Today, you can find the tractor at a local dealership for a significantly lower price since the average list price dropped over $1,300.

During the manufacturing process, around 47,420 were built, making the IH 1086 one of the most popular brand models. The tractor is a part of the IH Pro Ag Line, which was released in September 1076. At the time, the tractor was only available as an open-operator station version or as a 4-post ROPS tractor.

The Pro AG Line consisted of seven models: an upgraded cab with a Control Center, air conditioning, several radio CB options, heat, and a comfortable operator seat. In addition, the machinery featured a driver seat ahead of the rear axle, while the fuel tank was located behind the cab and over the rear axle.

The innovative design made owners feel like they were driving a true beast of a vehicle!

IH 1086 tractor has gone through changes over the years but remains one of the most dependable machines by the International Harvester.

Key Specifications:

  • Model: International Harvester 1086
  • Tractor Type: Row-Crop Tractor
  • Horsepower: 130 HP
  • Fuel tank capacity: 238.5 liters
  • Battery: 2x 12V CCA 480
  • Cabin type: Cab standard
what is a 1086 international tractor worth

1. International Harvester 1086: Engine

The International Harvester 1086 tractor is equipped with an International Harvester DT414 engine. This is a 6.8 L six-cylinder turbocharged engine with a 4.29 cylinder bore and 4.76 piston stroke.

One of the unique features of the IH 1086 tractor engine is that it features replaceable cast-iron wet-type cylinder sleeves. Other replaceable parts include a fully counterbalanced crankshaft with seven main bearings, aluminum alloy pistons, and forged steel “I” beam connecting rods.

Engine Specs

Engine modelInternational Harvester DT414
Engine typeFour-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Number of cylinders6
Fuel typeDiesel
Displacement414 cu·in
Fuel SystemDirect injection
Air CleanerDual dry element
Bore and stroke4.29 in x 4.76 in
Fuel tank capacity63L
Compression ratio16:1
Oil capacity18.9 L
Coolant capacity23.7 L

2. International Harvester 1086: Transmission

The transmission of the International Harvester 1086 tractor is a Torque Amplifier model. It features 16 forward and 8 reverse gears, making it suitable to work in any terrain.

The dual dry-disc clutch provides a smooth transmission with no transmission shock. Additionally, the transmission oil capacity is 85.2 L and has a transmission cooling system for better performance.

The system features an adjustable three-point hitch to accommodate multiple tasks, such as the attachment of a loader or baler in the backside. As a result, it provides both comfortable operations and increased productivity on the farm. All these features make the International Harvester 1086 transmission a reliable and powerful transmission system.

This transmission is ideally suited for all agricultural operations, including tillage, planting, and harvesting. In addition, it can be used for various other tasks like hauling hay and transporting material from one place to another.

However, the non-synchronized transmission makes shifting gears frequently challenging, so it’s safe to say this tractor is unsuitable for beginners.

Transmission Specs

Chassis4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Transmission modelTorque Amplifier
Transmission typePartial power shift
Steering typeHydrostatic power
BrakesHydraulic disc
Number of gears16 forward and 8 reverse
SpeedForward: 33.0 kmh; Reverse: 16.3 kmh
Transmission oil capacity85.2 L

3. International Harvester 1086: Hydraulics

The hydraulics system of the International Harvester 1086 tractor is the open center and features a 12.0 gpm (45.4 lpm) pump flow and 85.2 L hydraulic capacity. It also has two valves for controlling hydraulics pressure and flows, allowing it to efficiently carry out multiple tasks, such as lifting loads or operating hydraulically powered implements.

Its open-center design ensures that the hydraulics and other vital systems are protected from dirt, dust, and other debris when working in challenging environments.

However, the IH tractors are notorious for their weak hydraulic system. Although some tractors undergo major hydraulics issues, some respond decently in basic operations.

Nonetheless, this IH tractor will require frequent maintenance and repairs, but it’s overall reliable.

Hydraulic Specs

Hydraulic typeOpen center
Hydraulic capacity85.2 L
Number of valves2
Pump flow12.0 gpm (45.4 lpm)

4. International Harvester 1086: Tires & Dimensions

how many horsepower is a 1086 international tractor

The International Harvester 1086 is a pretty decent old tractor that can handle a hard load. Compared to larger tractors, the IH is fairly sized, so you can use it on a medium-sized farm with no problem whatsoever.

Tire Specs

AG Front tires10.00-16 (2WD)
13.6-24 (4WD)
AG Rear tires18.4-38

Dimensions Specs

Length2WD: 67.7 in
4WD: 165 in
Hi-Clear4,290 169 in
Width2WD and 4WD: 102 in
Hi-Clear98 in
Height2WD and 4WD: 115 in
Hi-Clear126 in
Wheelbase2WD: 104.7 in
4WD: 99.0 in
Hi-Clear106 in
Weight12,710 lbs
Weight (Shipping)12300
Ground Clearance13in
Turning Radius (without Brakes)162 in
Turning Radius (with Brakes)139 in

Common Issues With International Harvester 1086

The International Harvester 1086 is a great tractor, but it does suffer from some issues that can affect its performance.

This model’s most common issues include overheating, hydraulic pump issues, and power loss. The transmission can also be a problem, with the frequent shifting of gears challenging.

The overheating issue targets the battery drain. However, some users commented that it’s best to have a battery disconnect installed to eliminate battery drain.

A few IH tractors will require several repairs and one new hydraulic pump due to leaks and broken seals. Luckily, most parts are easy to find within the local dealership.

However, these issues can be significantly reduced with proper maintenance and care. If you experience any of these issues, take the tractor to a professional mechanic for a thorough check-up as soon as possible.

Additionally, always use high-quality lubricants to ensure smooth running and greater durability. With regular maintenance and care, your IH 1086 should provide years of reliable service.

This concludes the overview of significant issues experienced with the International Harvester 1086 tractor. However, these issues can be managed or even avoided entirely with regular maintenance and care.


What is an International 1086 worth?

The current price point of an International Harvester 1086 tractor is worth $17,166.

How many HP is a 1086 International?

The International Harvester 1086 tractor is a great workhorse vehicle with a diesel engine that produces 130 HP (horsepower).

What engine is in 1086?

The International Harvester 1086 tractor is equipped with an International Harvester DT414 6-cylinder diesel engine. The engine is a four-stroke liquid-cooled model, which increases the performance of the vehicle but also results in fuel efficiency.

What is the problem of the IH 1086 tractor?

The International Harvester 1086 tractor is notorious for several performance issues, such as overheating, difficult shifting of gears, and hydraulic pump leaks.

However, with proper maintenance and repairs, this is a reasonably good tractor with excellent delivery on the field.

Case IH 1086 vs. 1486: Who is the winner?

The IH 1086 and 1486 are nearly identical in design; however, the 1486 uses a heavier clutch, but the field’s overall performance is better with the 1086 tractor.


The IH tractor is packed with power and delivers outstanding results on the field, which is why it has been a trustworthy choice for farmers worldwide. This information will help you decide whether or not to purchase this tractor.

This tractor can provide years of reliable service with regular maintenance and care.

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