The Best Massey Ferguson 135 Reviews: 2023 Guide for Experts

Since 1964, Massey Ferguson 135 has been known for its reliability, durability, and excellent performance on the field. The Massey Ferguson 135 reviews will discuss this famous tractor’s key specifications.

Look at why this tractor’s features make it one of the finest vintage models!

Key Notes:

  • The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor is equipped with one of the three engine choices. The Perkins model is considered the best in this case.
  • The MF135 is among the best vintage tractors with over 40HP power delivery.
  • The tractor comes in standard and vineyard variants so that users can pick the best for their agricultural tasks.

The History of Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor

are massey ferguson tractors good

The Massey Ferguson 135 was produced from 1964 to 1975. During those 11 years of production, Massey Ferguson sold 135 models for around $4,385. The tractor still holds a budget-friendly price, considering it’s one of the best classic models with over 40 H.P.

But, did you ever wonder:

How exactly did the Massey Ferguson 135 become such a classic in the tractor industry?

It all started with the significant merger of two well-known companies. The Massey-Harris and Ferguson companies joined forces in 1953. However, the companies continued to sell in two lines due to the conflict between once-former rivals.

Massey Ferguson established the status of one of the largest tractor manufacturers worldwide. The company’s 100 series marked a turning point in the tractor industry. The 100 series not only raised the marketing but also boosted the sales and the overall performance of the tractors.

The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor remains the most popular tractor model within the 100 series. The reliability and power of the MF 135 made it distinguishable from the active competitors at the time.

Over the years, the MF 135 endured a couple of design changes. For instance, the classic tractor of 1971 featured a bigger fuel tank capacity, a better air filtration system, and a raised radiator grille height of 1.5in. Additionally, the steering column was also lengthened.

Users could also opt between the narrow and the vineyard tractor option. The narrow version was a small tractor model, similar to the standard version. The little tractor was followed by a vineyard version that was both narrow and low in profile, making it suitable for complicated tasks.

Considering this classic tractor is among the best tractors of all time, it’s safe to say it has earned popularity. However, compared to the rest of the “all-time tractors,” the MF 135 still offers variable features that every farmer benefits from.

The powerful engine of the tractor allows it to successfully finish most tasks, while features such as spin-out rims, live two-stage clutch, hi-lo transmission, and power steering are a big plus!

Key Specifications

Type of tractorAgricultural
Production year1964
End of production1975
Length120 in
Width 63.4 inches
Height53.9 inches
WeightDiesel: 3,130 lbs
Gas: 2,940 lbs
Battery12V 60Ah for diesel; 90 Ah for gasoline
Cabin typeOpen operator station
Wheelbase71.7 inches
Crankcase – w /o Filter Change5 Imp qts.
Crankcase – w/Filter Change5.4 Imp. qts.
Transmission, Differential, and Hydraulic Systems6. 7 Imp. gals.
Power Steering Reservoir8 Imp. qts
Cooling TypeCirculated by a centrifugal pump, with a bypass system. Flow thermostatically controlled through the radiator
Gross Power45.5 HP

Massey Ferguson 135: Engine

If there was one feature that makes the Massey Ferguson 135 an awesome tractor, it’s the choice of engines. As a result, this extremely reliable little work horse is equipped with one of three engines:

Perkins diesel AD3.152 engine, Continental Z-145 gasoline engine, or a Perkins AG3.152 diesel engine. All engines are liquid-cooled, meaning they use little fuel but deliver incredible power for a good-sized farm.

Perkins AD3.152 engine: The Perkins diesel AD3.152 engine is a 2.5L diesel model. The cylinder bore of the engine measures 5 inches from the piston stroke. The maximum power output of this engine is 45.5 HP, while the compression ratio is 17.4:1.

Continental Z-145 engine: The gas Continental engine is a four-cylinder model with a 2.4L fuel tank capacity. The gas engine has a cylinder bore of 3.39 in and a piston stroke of 4.06 inches. The compression ratio is 7.1:1, while the engine delivers 34.9HP.

Perkins AG3.152 engine: The Perkins diesel fuel engine is a 2.5 L model. The three-cylinder engine is fuel efficient and delivers a cylinder bore of 3.58 in and 5 inches of the piston stroke. The compression ratio for these Perkins engines is 7.5:1, while the maximum power output is 45.5 HP.

The Perkins engines in the Massey Ferguson tractors allow them to be dependable. The early models of the diesel engine featured an oil bath air cleaner. However, the system was altered in the 1970s with a dry-based system.

The Massey Ferguson dealer may offer you a worn-out model, but don’t let this frighten you. This awesome tractor has a highly reliable engine that will last you for years! Even if the engine is worn out due to mechanical neglect, all issues can be quickly fixed.

Perkins AD3.152 Engine

Engine typeFour-stroke, liquid cooled, inline
Number of cylinders 3
Fuel type Diesel: Pressure fed
Displacement152.7 cu·in
Compression ratio17.4:1
Bore and stroke3.58 in x 5 in
Horsepower45.5 HP
Oil capacity6.2 L
Coolant capacity9.9L
Intake/Exhaust valve clearance:Hot: 0.010 in
Cold: 0.012 in
Firing order1-2-3
Lubrication at 2000 rpmPressure fed at 40-55 psi
Idle speed725-775 RPM
GovernorBuilt-in injection pump
Primary fuel pumpDiaphragm type
Fuel filterOne filter, full flow, w /replaceable element
Injection PumpCA V distributor type
Fuel InjectorsCA V multi-hole type
Injection timing240 B. T. D. C.

Perkins  AG3.152 Engine

Engine typeFour-stroke, liquid cooled, inline
Number of cylinders 3
Fuel type Gasoline:gravity fed
Displacement152.7 cu·in
Compression ratio7.4:1
Bore and stroke3.58 in x 5 in
Horsepower45.5 HP
Oil capacity6.2 L
Coolant capacity9.9L
Intake/Exhaust valve clearance:Hot: 0.012 in
Cold: 0.015 in
Firing order1-2-3
Lubrication at 2000 rpmPressure fed at 40-55 psi
Idle speed750 ± 25 RPM
GovernorVariable speed centrifugal, fly weight
Spark plugChampion N12Y
Spark plug gap0.025 in
Carburetor Draft dustproof type

Continental Z-145 Engine

Engine typeFour-stroke, liquid cooled, inline
Number of cylinders 4
Fuel type Gasoline
Displacement144.9 cu·in
Compression ratio7.1:1
Bore and stroke3.39 in x 4.06 in
Horsepower34.9 HP
Oil capacity5.7 L
Intake/Exhaust valve clearance:Hot: 0.25 in
Cold: 0.013 in
Spark plugChampion D-16, AC 85 S, Auto Lite BT-8
Spark plug gap0.025 in

Massey Ferguson 135: Transmission

difference between massey ferguson 35 and 135

A great tractor like Massey Ferguson continues beyond one transmission choice. The MF 135 offers one of three available transmissions, allowing you to choose between gear-type transmission with six forward and; 2-reverse speeds, gear-type transmission with eight forward and two reverse gears, and multi-power partial power-shift transmission.

The latest addition to the MF135 was the multi-power transmission that offers a 12-forward, 4-reverse gear system. However, only some users enjoy the multi-power system. The system is often unreliable and will engage suddenly in the middle of the operation.

But, the multi-power option does offer the user to achieve multiple tasks in less time.

Six Speed Transmission

Chassis4×2 2WD
Steering typePower steering or manual steering
BrakesMechanical, double expanding shoe, self-energizing
Transmission modelSix-speed transmission
Transmission typeGear type with mechanical dry disc clutch
Number of gears6 forward; 2-reverse
SpeedForward: 15.1 mph;Reverse: 7.3 mph
Transmission oil capacity30.3 l

Multi-Power Transmission

Transmission modelMulti-power transmission
Transmission typePartial power shift with hydraulic dry disc clutch
Number of gears12 forward; 4-reverse
SpeedForward: 19.8 mph;Reverse: 9.8 mph
Transmission oil capacity30.3 l

Eight-Speed Transmission

Transmission modeleight-speed transmission
Transmission typeGear type with mechanical dry disc clutch
Number of gears8 forward; 2-reverse
Transmission oil capacity30.3 l

Massey Ferguson 135: Hydraulics

The hydraulics of the Massey Ferguson is something else. The hydraulics requires minimal maintenance and is equipped with an Advanced Ferguson Hydraulic System and a three-point hitch.

The Advanced Ferguson hydraulic system is excellent for bush hogging and can carry on Category I, 3-point hitch implements. The engine hydraulic system is equipped with a constant pumpkin position, which enables the operation of remote hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic valves.

The MF 135 tractor includes manual or power steering and mechanical drum brakes.


Hydraulic capacity30L
Hydraulic oil typeM-1129A
Pressure2.800 psi
Pump flow4.5 gpm
Total flow4.8 gpm
Lift pumpConstantly running, scotch yoke, piston-type
ControlOscillating control valve on the inlet side of the pump


Type of brakesMechanical, double-expanding shoe, self-energizing
Shoe dimension14 inch diameter, 2 inches wide, 118 square-inch area
Pedal free travel¾ inches


Rear PTO typeTransmission or live (option)
Rear PTO speed540 rpm
ShaftSpline, 1-3/8” DIA. ASAE STD
ControlLive PTO: 3-position shift lever (Engine) (Neutral) (Ground)
Independent PTO: 2-position shift lever (“On”) (“Off”)
Transmission, PTO: 2-position shift lever (Neutral) (Engine)
Shaft SpeedLive PTO – Engine:540 RPM at 1700 engine RPM
Ground: 1 revolution per approx. 20” of forward travel
Independent PTO – “On”: 540 RPM at 1700 engine RPM
Transmission, PTO – Engine: 540 RPM at 1500 engine RPM

Massey Ferguson 135: Electrical System

The Massey Ferguson tractor has a reasonably recent upgrade in the electrical system. The alternator provides electrical power to supply any demands of electrically operated assemblies.

Electrical System

BatteryMake Massey-Ferguson – negative ground
Volts-12 Amp/Hour Rate-60
AlternatorMake Delco-Remy
Charging Rate-25 amps.
DistributorMake Delco-Remy Distributor Recommended Timing Max                                    Engine Speed – 2250 rpm: 270 B. T.D. C.
Contact Point Gap-Set at. 021 inches
Starter MotorMake-Delco-Remy
Spark PlugsMake(STD. Factory equip.): Champion N12Y
Gap-0. 025 inches
BatteryMake Massey-Ferguson – negative ground
Volts-12 Amp/Hour Rate
“Independent” PT Models: 95
Live PTO Models: 60
Starter MotorMake-Delco-Remy
GeneratorMake: Delco-Remy
Voltage: 12
Charging Rate: 25 amps.

Massey Ferguson 135: Tires & Dimensions

The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor is a mid-range tractor suitable for completing various agricultural tasks. The tires of the tractor offer the most stability. The front tire is responsible for the firm grip of the tractor. Due to the tires’ size, the Massey Ferguson is less likely to slip on the field in the middle of the operation.


Minimum WidthDeluxe, Special, Orchard Tractors: 68-7/16 inches
Vineyard Tractor: 51-7 /8 inches
Ground Clearance – Minimum – 14. 9/13-24 Tires12-5/8 inches
Ground Clearance – Front Axle20-1/2 inches
Turning Radius – w /Brakes9 Feet
Rear tire12.4/11-28, 4-Ply Rating, Rl
13. 6/12-28, 4-Ply Rating, Rl
14. 9/13-24, 4-Ply Rating, Rl
18.4/15-16A, 6–Ply Rating, Rl, R3
Front tire5.50-16, 4-PlyRating, F2
6.00-16, 4-PlyRating, F2
6.50-16, 4-Ply Rating, F2
7. 50-10, 6-Ply Rating, F3

Common Problems With Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor

history of massey ferguson 135

The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor may not be the toughest compared to the competitors, but it does have several qualities. However, considering the year of production and the need for technological developments, the MF135 experiences common issues.

One of the issues that operators experience regards transmission. The Massey Ferguson chore tractors often make it difficult to change gears while the transmission makes excessive noise. 

However, fixing this solution is relatively easy. All you need to do is check for worn or rusty gear shift linkage. Then, by lubricating the linkage, the transmission system should not cause any more problems.

Like any other tractor model, the Massey Ferguson 135 will require frequent maintenance and repairs if it’s not used correctly or even neglected.


How fast is a Massey Ferguson 135?

The Massey Ferguson is a high-speed tractor; however, depending on the transmission type, the tractor offers different speeds.

What is so special about the Massey Ferguson 135?

One of the features that make the Massey Ferguson 135 so special is the vintage design and the reliability, durability, and power that comes with it. The fuel-effect tractor is equipped with a Perkins engine and will last you for generations.

How much is a Massey Ferguson 135 worth?

The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor is currently worth $4,950.

How many Massey Ferguson 135 were made?

Between 1964 and 1971, Massey Ferguson made around 322,428 units of 135 models. The years 1971-1979 produced over 90,725 Massey Ferguson 135 tractors.

What is the difference between Massey Ferguson 35 and 135?

Although the Massey Ferguson 135 and the 35 tractor model are similar, the 135 is equipped with better hydraulics, stylish design, and refined engine choices. As a result, the 135 is the better tractor option if you value reliability.

What battery do I need for a Massey Ferguson 135?

The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor requires 12V Wet Battery 95AH.

Does a Massey Ferguson 135 have a hydraulic filter?

Yes, the Massey Ferguson 135 tractor has a hydraulic filter in the hydraulic pump strainer.


The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor is the most reliable machine to this day. The classic tractor has earned many farmers’ trust and remains the number-one choice for many agricultural chores.

Although the Massey Ferguson 135 model may be outshined by its newer competitors, the tractor offers durability that future generations will experience.

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