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A-Frame abiotic factors          acidifuge          african night crawler          agricultural crops           agriculture          agronomic crops           agronomy          air            air layering         ammonic fertilizers          ammonium sulfate          angiosperms           artificial propagation          artificial sweeteners           asexual propagation   bamboo growing          bare-root          biotic factors          bonsai           budding                c3 photosynthesis         c4 photosynthesis          calcicole          calcifuge         cam photosynthesis           carbohydrate          carbon sequestration        cash crop farming          cereal crops       climate          climatic factors          climate change mitigation          codominance          complete dominance          composting earthworm  contour farming         corm crops   corn farming          cover crops           crop          crop rotation          crop selection          cross pollination          dicots          direct seeding          dominance relations           earthworm           essential elements eudicots          edible mushroom          epiphytes         eudicots          fertilization          fiber crops           flower          fruit          fruit crops          genetics          genetic factors           grafting           grass          grain legumes  green coconut         growth factors        halophytes          heliophytes          horticultural crops          horticulture          hydrophytes         incomplete dominance          integrated farming          intercropping          invasive plant species          law of independent assortment          law of segregation          leaf           light          light intensity          light quality          lithophytes                  marcotting          mesophytes          metallophytes          molave          monocots          nastic movements          natural propagation          neutophiles          no-dominance          no-till farming           orthodox seeds          overdominance          palms          parasites          photoperiodism          photosyntax          photosynthesis          phreatophytes            plant          plant adaptation          plant movements           plant nutrition           plant propagation plant sex     planting fruits          planting methods          planting patterns          pollination          pot gardening     pruning          pulses           recalcitrant seeds          relative humidity          resurrection plants          root          root crops          seed     seed plants     sampagita propagation          saprophytes          sciophytes          self pollination           sexual propagation          site selection          soil          staghorn fern         staple crops          starting a farm         stem           subsistence crops          sugar crops           sugar          temperature          terrestrial          topgrafting          topography           transpiration     transplanting          tropic movements          tropical fruits          tuber crops          types of pollination      urea           vegetative propagation          vermiculture          vermicomposting          vertical farming          vertical gardening           water          water factor   wildling          wind           weed          xerophytes   zero tillage

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These articles deal with terms, technologies, practices, or subject matters which are basic in or somewhat related to crop farming or crop agriculture including related sciences. These generally start with a question or otherwise first define, introduce the meaning, or describe the subject matter being reviewed. Further elaboration is then made, usually with examples. Where appropriate, comparative information are provided on other related terms or on the same term in other application for emphasis.

However, just because any other page does not have specific usage of the words what is does not render it completely different from those with. Many articles, mainly the second tier pages, start with a description or definition of the main subject under review.

Update: This what is page has been modified to include other terms defined, described, or explained in other pages. This web page therefore is being transformed, albeit gradually, into a sort of index and Dictionary of Terms. New terms will be added from time to time. This is a work in progress.

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